July 12th, 2003

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"With four legs comes great responsibility!"


The basket is cool. The look like nude fencers covered in volcanic ash.

Trouble sleepin', so I'll ramble here a bit until I get my drowsiness in order. I'm still waiting to hear back for my MRI appointment....I should know more on Monday. Going into that device got me to thinking of the 5-level decontamination sequence in the Andromeda Strain. This involves a series of physical examinations, automatic showers and powderings, and question and answer sessions. The hostility of these events is heightened by the pervasive lack of humanity -- all discussions are held with the computer's disembodied voice, and the environment is cold and unforgiving. I don't think I'd like living in wildfire, and especially would get sick of all the keys involved. The upside of a bad back is that it doesn't kill by coagulation like an alien life form. Downside... I don't get a color-coded jumpsuit to match the floor levels every time I go to the doctor's office. Hopefully, I'll fit in this machine ok.. some MRI's aren't designed for a gargantuan being.

4-legged man! Can the rest of the civic-minded five be soon to follow?

Let's Make a Difference!

An infant born with four legs, three hands, three kidneys and an abnormal liver to a rural Zambian woman two weeks ago, is pictured in Lusaka, July 2, 2003. Doctors at Zambia's main Lusaka University Teaching Hospital said July 3, 2003 the babies deformities were caused by incomplete growth of another fetus and multiplication of cells. They said the baby, whose is yet to be named, would be operated upon and is likely to lead a normal life. --REUTERS/Salim Henry

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Ugh, system crash, and it cost me a long entry that I was composing over the course of my waking day. When I went to restore, it went back to my earlier entry's draft. Bah. My only other weird error that's cropping up is "speed disk designed to run with windows 2000 and Nt 4.0, it will not run on 3.51" I'm using good ol' win2k, so I'm not sure what confused Norton. It defragged just fine on 6/9/03 at 4am. (update- service pack four is what polished it off.. bah!)

No word from my brother in about 4 days.

I got the new drivers for the speed touch usb modem, and hopefully that'll prevent the alcan5wn.sys errors I've been getting.

Stalin vs. Hitler - Stalin vs. Hitler The Authorized Annotated Comic Book Translation

Newt and thoughts of my beloved helped me to sleep last night... it took me focusing on the good stuff to bypass the fidgets. I slept about 4 hours, woke up, and then got another 2 nap wise. There's something in the atmosphere/ water/ collective unconscious that's sort of weird today, and maybe last night. I'm doing what I can to solidify, and send peaceful ripples out on the pond where I swim, and hopefully there'll be a chain reaction there. Speaking of swimming, I've got pool-dwelling on my mind. I've been mentally swimming and wading in cool water all day.

sleepy newt
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I have never been a fan of Pat Robertson, but since September 11th, my opinion of him has decreased. Now it has pretty much hit rock bottom. For him to defend Charles Taylor is just too much. The relationship between the United States and Liberia is unique and worth preserving. A breakdown of what Charles Taylor is about.

also learning about title tags, and seeing how they look in a journal entry. hover overr the links for something akin to "alt-tags"
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My head has a pounding ache. I want to just take a hot shower and go to bed.

I think some time away from the PC and just reading some good plain-paper bookage.