July 13th, 2003

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got my new TV (priced low... $219)... and a good working universal remote. Fortunately, I had Danny to play mule to lug it into the house. To reward him for his kindness, I treated for lunch and a movie (The least I coud do, he drove from Davie...) We were spotted by Cathi, Dave and Mayah... the little girl is getting so big! It looks like they are going to get the corner house for fixing up and moving in. We chitty-chatted for a bit before we had to bold due to timetables. I want to get together with them soon and just goof off a bit.. it looks like they just picked up a new DVD player.

Following the dropping of the TV off at the house, we went to go out to lunch at Subway, where I discovered that I didn't get my debit card back. Fortunately, we were still near the store, and I was able to retrieve it with a minimum of fuss... (it was still in the imprinter, and I had to ask the guy twice to look in it before he could bother to lift up the device. I am really kicking myself over leaving it behind... a really retarded moment. Well, no harm done, and now I'll know to keep a closer eye on it.

Afterwards, we saw LXG, and despite my back acting up, it was a good show. I think it was a little too much activity, out and about though. I'm home now, happy to have my legs elevated. I do know that this confirms that I couldn't handle a commute or an 8-hour day ina boca office where I have to get up and chase people around yet.

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Here's a little tidbit about the Disney-owned Stepford called Celebration, Florida. It seems that during the end of year holidays they make it snow. (And they use paper leaves to create a false autumn, too.) (warning, link has a little potty-mouth action)