July 14th, 2003

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Happy Bastille Day!

Hmmm.... I get a rush job, I fire back a request for specs, and the person is having me wait. Nice to know that it's the CSR that's in a rush, and not the client. I can't give data unless they tell me the format and processes that they want done.

Does it bother anyone else that the little girl in The Ring is the voice of Lilo?

Update- good ol' Bret got the specs and ran with it. Kudos!

update mkii - Finally heard back from the Bro.. he's hanging in there, and getting by. he was at WF1, and tracking dwon gigs. More power to him, I say.

For the vampire computer game - Holy water is still at about Teasel and 4th

java Aquarius (from the makers of Fluxx) I'd really like to see multiplayer Fluxx online. I remember discussing doing something like that with A before finding out that he and H were fooling around on their associated spouses backs. I wonder how R is doing these days? Especially now that H & B have a baby that is probably about 2-3ish by now.

random scotto factoid - I drink a lot of orange juice.

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Argh.. my dsl modem went down.. and I realize how spoiled I am... hitting my work PC at dial-up speeds is just awful. I'm just glad it took place at lunchtime, so odds were slimmest that I'd be needed on the phone and online at the same time. Dang... I just realised that I missed Lovejoy today, but I suspect Danny did too.

I'm still not sure why the modem needed to be reset, but c'est la vie. It's all better now.
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Black and White cookies and strong coffee. Yum is the word.

Black and white cookies

Though, to the geek in me, they invariably remind me of the black and whites on that old star trek episode.

no, he just looks like the riddler.
Find where and when Star trek is playing in your area. (My personal prefs are old series, some next gen and DS9)

Eleven years ago a container of thousands of bathroom toys... rubber ducks, turtles, frogs, etc., fell off a cargo ship going from China to Seattle. Oceanographers have been tracking the swarm of toys, and learning about ocean currents. The flock of 29,000 toys has traveled around the Arctic, and they should soon be beaching themselves on New England shores.
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