July 17th, 2003

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I dreamt that I was shot in the stomach this morning, and that I had to take the bullet out with a pair of salad tongs, and Newt could stick to the ceiling like spider-man. I may go back to bed to see if it picks up where it left off. Some element of it woke me up at 5am when I really should've had another hour or two of sleep. Newt's doing his lawnmower purring-best to lure me in for a nap.

You know who I don't miss? Clive Barker. Wherever he went, I'm glad he's not in my face all the time anymore. I didn't mind him much, but there was a phase where I couldn't turn around without catching some reference or another.

Know what I'm a dork for wanting to see? Spy Kids 3-D.

Disney is Auctioning off props from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I saw Gary Hart on the news today, oh boy.(A lucky man, who's made the grade?) He looked older than Charlton Heston. (of course I'm mentally comparing him to that picture of him with a girl in his lap. I looked him up online, and he has a blog I'm very impressed with the composition of his website. The site is very informal, but complete and well broken down. It's also sort of fun to see his resume and other info there... I'm often impressed when celeb-types turn out to be so human (and not in that "I made an error, I'm only human" way) He is very well spoken, but now has a face best for radio. He seems quite accessible,

Post-It For Pasties
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How to make a solar oven out of a pizza box.

Nifty navigator to webcams around the world. The map search is particularly useful... It helped me to find the port everglades cam, which is live and usually pretty active. Nifty that you can control the position of the camera, too.

solar system navigator. View with some fun perspectives. I've been looking at the moon on significant dates.

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A hoax? It's fooled a lot of News services, but so did I-loo

hunting for bambi

A business near Las Vegas called "Hunting for Bambi" is offering men the opportunity to "hunt" for naked women.

Our CNN sister station KLAS in Las Vegas is reporting that men pay anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to shoot women they call "Bambis" with paint ball guns. They take home a video of their experience. Many of the men reportedly return for multiple hunting trips.

The women wear no protective gear and no clothing, only tennis shoes.

Paint balls hit at about 200 mph, and can draw blood when they hit bare skin.

The women get paid $2,500 if they avoid being hit and $1,000 if a paint ball hits them. They admit it hurts.

Some experts and critics are wondering if the bambi hunts are actually the acting out of sexual aggression that could lead to more violent behavior.

google news - hunting for bambi

or visit the vulgar, not safe for work website - http://huntingforbambi.com/

snopes.com is undecided as of this writing as to the hoax factor
"We still don't see any convincing evidence that Hunting for Bambi has actually conducted any genuine hunts for paying customers."
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