July 21st, 2003

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I slept long and hard last night. I think I got 10 hours.. the best night's sleep in an age.. and after a 2 hour nap yesterday. I can only hope it's an element of solid healing.I've had the devil NingPo MahJong introduced to me this weekend.. probably one of the best versions I've seen. (I probably have 8 versions between my palmtop, and public domain game disks.) I could just leave the music playing in the background all day.

UNDEAD: The Movie.... very promising (not much at the imdb entry yet.) (warning, images are typical zombie monster beasites.. may not be suitable for squeamish or work places) The Trailer in Quicktime...think Night of The Living Dead meets Peter Jackson's Braindead (aka Dead/Alive)

I haven't done a word of the day in a while, but this one showed up and I had to include it.

beestings (BEE-stingz) noun, also beastings, biestings
First milk produced by a mammal, especially a cow, after giving birth.
Also known as colostrum or foremilk.

[From Middle English bestynge, from Old English bysting.]
"Two thriving calves she suckles twice a day,
And twice besides her beestings never fail
To store the dairy with a brimming pail."

Publius Vergilius Maro (translated by John Dryden); The Works of Virgil.

Careful of google image search. The dangers of searching for something as simple as "peasant blouse" can result in a naked woman nibbling a banana as the first result if you have safesearch turned off. (and you have to, if you want to find most of the useful art)

A peek at doc ock from spidey 2, electric boogaloo, via the Gray Pumpkin. I don't mind this look over chubby guy in the green jumpsuit / moe haircut. he's got the dark glasses and a look of general menace, so it's cool by me. Hopefully he'll still smoke cigars. I wonder if he'll have his "spidey signal" next movie? I also wonder if they'll explore the romance between him and Aunt May (since he seems much younger now.) I hear he's dead in the current comics. Also a nifty Batman Movie.. looks more comic booky, less "latexy". (text is fan-written so there may be some potty-language there.)

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