July 26th, 2003

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TURN IT UP!! Had to swap out my weather.com magnet on my user info page as it was expiring, and they only offer Javascript for it now.. since LJ hates any external scripting for security reasons, I had to go with wunderground. (I would've used weather pixie, but it's down half the time.)

Slow starting this morning...I think the body caught up on the slumber it lost the other night. It looks like a couple of my vampire children from the game have gone dormant. Interesting little location, a graveyard southeast of Larch and 50th. "One fresh grave particularly stands out. Here Lies Pazuzu. Brother We Hardly Knew Ye."

I like to play fishy, too. (hint, download it, so you can play it while off the net.)

Still no word from Brother regarding a trip to the movies. Dan's not in the best of moods, not feeling sociable.. I'll hear back from him in a little while, but I'm guessing not much is going to happen with him today.

Ok, the hunting for bambi guy admitted it's a hoax, at last.
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I'm gonna sing the Doom song now.

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Kind lady

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Soft rains coming down, not so heavy that it stopped folks from being outside, but heavy enough that I can hear water on the glass. Still no word back from the crew, so it's looking like not much is going to happen today. Looks like a good day to curl up with a book.

Earlier, I heard what I thought was my neighbor out front screeching in anger, but turned out to be a visiting boy who hasn't had his glands drop yet. He must've been 10 or so, but sounded for the life of me like a young woman.

Something about LJ that amazes me is the national diversity of folks on my list here. Off the top of my head, there's Canada, UK, Korea, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, not to mention folks all over the USA.

Just for fun...
Poll #161181 Where?

Where are you? feel free to leave more detail in the comments, too.

I dig that they brought out Dr. Light for teen titans, though Trigon isn't my fave. Interesting that the Fearsome Five have all been given "youth potions" and renamed hive. gizmo, mammoth and jinx, now Dr. Light (still older). You can really see where Marv Wolfman's influence is poking through.

Just too a mental leap from Hive's Gizmo, to Invader Zim's Spider pack, to Doctor Octopus. I wonder if there were any other mainstream folks that hang from a backpack by four extensor-tentacles?

If they decide to do "Spider-man Three, in 3-D" (a la Jaws, Friday the 13th and Spy Kids), they'd better use Mysterio. (That'll keep with them using dead villains that dress in green and purple as the main foil, too.) Optical illusions, Psychedelic gas, freaky costume with eyes as a cloak holder and opaque head-dome.

One of my favorite villains.