July 28th, 2003

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Behold the wooly panda. It is plump and round. The nearby sound of a throttling chainsaw frightens him. 'Eek eek' says the panda.

No word from my brother this weekend. Dan took my advice and did his school work at the library today, given that his A/C has been out since Thursday, and won't be repaired until Tuesday. I'd find that pretty intolerable, but he's dealing with it pretty well, all told.

Newt is an insane spazmo today. Running around with his motor going a mile a minute. He was doing the "run so fast that the back end outpaces the front" resulting in a sort of sideways arc in pursuit of paper wads, his tail fully outpoofed like a raccoons. Very talkative, too.

Bro's got himself set up in an apartment for at least a month, and it looks like he'll do ok with a strict budget, if he really decides to run with it. I hope he can make it.

I dreamt last night of marketing "mood scents" a smart perfume that'd smell differently according to how you were feeling... and contact lenses that would show dashed lines exactly wherever you’d look, like laser pointers. I know I'd buy 'em. Be neat to see a roomful of them at a club sometime, too... girls would know if a guy was looking at their chest or not, as a handy side effect.

Best anti-piracy video ever. Don't copy that floppy.

nomi showed me this pretty little thing.. Play full screen and with speakers on for most fun effect. (It's interactive)

Fill out the survey by typing in the first word that comes to mind that starts with the given letter/prefix.
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Note. Orange Zinger Tea and strawberry pop tarts do not a healthy lunch make. Must preapre something extra tasty and healthy for din din.

Ok.. I need to do my shower/workout/shower. Until later, dear journal!

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Finally, no more waiting for a movie where Bruce Campbell is as brilliant as he was in ARMY OF DARKNESS. BUBBA HO-TEP

The Visible Embryo project is truly amazing. When I think about how many times I've heard ridiculous "facts" thrown around by both pro-abortion and anti-abortion people, I'm amazed sometimes to simply step back and marvel at how the whole thing works.


A few notable deaths.... Bob Hope, of course, but also Matt Jefferies, Designer of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and Jane Barbe, famous phone voice.
Barbe was the queen of telephone recordings, whose voice was heard an estimated 40 million times a day in the 1980s and early 1990s on everything from automated time and weather messages to hotel wake-up calls.

She was heard on 90 percent of "intercept messages" - the recording played when something is wrong with a phone number - and 60 percent of automated time and temperature calling programs.

During her unusual 40-year career she articulated immortal lines, including, "I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service" and "Please press 1 for more options."
Some people that undeniably touched everyone's lives in one way or another.
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Hrm....Okie doke... reunified my homepage, graphically. It was long overdue, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the linked journal page there yet. I dig that I can toss my blogrolling links below others on that page. My old one was looking sort of "1999", and has been long overdue for a makeover. Right now it's simple, but I can tweak and twiddle it. I think I might go with the gold and green text links rather than the white and gray.

Up next is reworking some of the text, revising my gallery, with maybe thumbs, and building a toy box.