July 31st, 2003

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Fooling around with colors and design on my website, primarily text and link colors. I get the feeling of "Better Like This...or Like This?" from the eye doctor. I buzzed my self back and forth that I'm not sure right now.

A lot of fun talk about santorum, owl pellets and today. I surely held onto my crown of crap. This afternoon was just delightful, and I really mean that.

Speaking of dung...
Monday's audience burst into laughter during the seduction scene, when J.Lo spreads her legs for Ben and says, "It's turkey time. Gobble-gobble."
You couldn't make stuff like that up. From the new Ben and J-Lo debacle "Gigli".

And now some non-dung-

ROTK trailer

Duct tape superheroes.

Stereo ani-gifs. Neat effect, not work safe for artistic nudes.

Cool commercial fonts. I'm especially fond of fruitopia and cherry coke.

Got a call from the bro at the emergency room.. I swear, he's the most accident-prone person I know. I guess he cut his finger and needed a few stiches...The connection was bad, and I'm wainting for him to call me back.

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scotto monkeypulse

Web Stats and a few PSAs.

Read carefully the next coupon you get. According to Snopes, the rumors that telemarketers are trying to circumvent the Do Not Call Registry by hiding a little "It's ok if this guy calls me" agreement in the fine print are true.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Inboxer Rebellion (Call Scam)

Want to see if your username is on the RIAA's list of Subpoenas? Mine isn't, but that'd make sense since I share public domain stuff. Helpful hints on How Not To Get Sued By The RIAA For File-Sharing (short of not sharing at all)

Last day of the month. Let's see what Keywords hit me...Looks like I got hit hardest by folks looking for Carnie wilson Nude, Heroclix, Lemmiwinks, and the John Belushi "little chocolate doughnuts" skit

Recurring themes every month are thermasilk commercials, giraffe penises, and swollen uvulas. I'm surprised that Netscape had as much as 10% of my hits this month... that new mozilla firebird must be skewing the stats. Normally, I max out at 4% total.

I've discovered that my journal has been syndicated at syndic8.com. Now I just have to work out how to let them know whats up regarding some info that's not filled in.

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