August 2nd, 2003

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a crate full of sea lions and some hand lotion

Random bit of Curiosity -
Poll #163716 Potty-sprinklers

Have you ever used a bidet?

A what?

I wonder why that never caught on in the states?

Monopoly Cereal... where's my insulin? The Newest Cereal... Monopoly, Based on the board game. Basically Cinnamon toast crunch with marshmallows. That's too sickly-sweet even for me.

Random Scotto Recipe- Collapse )

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Added a silly little tagboard to the toybox section. We'll see how long it lasts. The Toybox is going to be something of a lab for a while.

Carnivore client is a pretty fascinating way to gather data. The interpretation of is rather pretty, to boot.

For any Vampires - Discount magic shop between Gibbon & 28th, and Gum & 29th. Great prices!
Scroll of Turning (350), Vial of Holy Water (1400), Scroll of Teleportation (3500)

a year ago - talked to rob (we never got together), baron von bludd, strange black blobs

2 years ago - rainy, Owen Ng, broken drug war link, Thunderstorm, code red, lord humongous

3 years ago - Finished HP2, started hp3, foodies, moved to the 12-8 shift at IMT
Newtie Yawn

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Random Scotto Stuff - My first job for a large company (Taco Viva, Boynton Beach Mall, 1985, I think?) payed minimum wage, at the time $3.35 an hour. I made enough for gas a telephone line and car insurance.

Electronics Boutique paid a bit better than that, and for a while I worked dual-duty. The stink of EB and the Bookstore was that I was required to wear a tie.

When I started at the library, in high school, the wage was $4.42 an hour. That was part-time, and paid under $300 a month after taxes. Six years later, when I stopped working there, I was making just under double that. (Which was a good thing, because my first solo dwelling, a studio, cost me $330 a month in rent.) Happily, I found better pay being an assistant manager at a bookstore near my apartment and school.

Added some fun games to the Toybox...Plastic Balls!, Clay Kitten Skeet Shooting, Hairball Bowling, Hexxagon and The Pipe Game.
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