August 3rd, 2003

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You bleed, Kirock! Behold a god who bleeds!

I thought blogshares would be more interesting than it is. (BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where web logs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.) The site is very slow… almost to the point of not being playable. I'll give it a few days, and see if it shifts in any direction, one way or the other.

I'm ranked as the 9th top player for august 2003 so far. (Scott von Berg 20726.49% growth -Rank: 4208, $104,132.43 current worth / $500.00 start of month)

As it stands now, I've only invested in my own... when you register your blog, you get 1000 shares of your own journal, but maybe I'll expand outward to folks on my reading list as well. Starting with $500 virtual dollars, and the stock value of my site, my portfolio is worth $104,271.60 I set up a goofy little RSS feed (scotto_shares) that'll tell me when / how the share value fluctuates. Oddly, since my journal can be accessed in three distinctly different links, via, and, it's valued in three different ways, depending on investments. is currently worth $49.91 each - 249.52 p/e, ~ is worth $34.42 each -172.10 p/e, and users is $19.62 each - 98.03 p/e

Looking at things, I see that chrishaas has already placed a bid on the most expensive of the available shares, but at no profit to me. He'd stand a greater chance of profit by bidding on public shares in the "users or ~" version. For simplicity of bidding, I've made those mentioned in this paragraph as direct links to the respective blogshares. If you want to play, I recommend the one that's going for $19.62 each, rather than the $49.91. (Less than half price, with growth potential. I think the middle one "users" has the most growth possibility, because that's the default listing.)

Other folks listed on blogshares that I might look into investing in (- (typed in to the search, many on my list haven't been listed I'm tempted to post my reading list here, so that they get spidered) edbook (here), flying_blind (here), meredith (here), sweetalyssm (here) and tarpo (here). If anyone else sets up an account, or ends up on blogshares, let me know, so I can invest. :) The above listings were spidered (many from my journal, I'd imagine), and aren't officially "on the market" yet.

Of course, totally private or friends only-blogs aren't tradable, nor are "non-indexed sites" as there's nothing for the public to link to or track. Communities also seem to be out of the action, which is a shame, because I imagine the menstrualhut would do well. Also, has to be active in your userinfo, I think.

Regarding the Vampire game... they've added a new element. Peacekeepers. There are flyers pasted up on many walls in the city, advertising "Peacekeepers Missions". There are very small quite useless maps scrawled on the poorly photocopies scraps of paper, but the addresses are quite clear - the newbie mission is at Emerald and 67th, while the others are at Unicorn and 33rd and Emerald and 33rd respectively. It looks like 'mission' is used in the sense of a building, rather than the sense of a quest, but it's not very clear at all.

The Expedition Company... seems normal enough for vacations and getaways until you get to the part about the hollow earth expedition.

Nifty sounding drink that I've never consumed - Collapse )

Wood that works - Really cool kinetic sculptures.A little pricey for my pocketbook, but nifty, especially since there are no batteries or electricity involved.

Buckled down, and put Norton Systemworks 2003 on my system... it was long overdue. the 2001 updates just weren't enough anymore after the last service pack. It's pretty much the same stuff, with a mildly shinier interface.

It's been thunder-rumbling since last night, but the rain itself has been coming only in brief, but heavy downpours. Florida weather will never cease to amaze me.

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Kind lady

Put the poodle back in the basket.

A few sites for positive change - None of them cost a penny but can help to do good works.

The hunger site - free food to the hungry
Breast cancer site - Help to fund free mammograms
Child Health site - Help save young lives for free
Rainforest Site - help to preserve our rainforests
Animal rescue site - Feed an animal in need.

Ok.. now that I've built up some positive karma, let's whine a little about whiners.

In The Silence of the Lambs the egregious psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter explains to Agent Clarice Starling why he killed one of his own patients: "I simply could not endure his interminable whining any longer. Besides, his therapy was going nowhere. Believe me, Clarice, there isn't a psychiatrist in the country who wouldn't like to refer a few cases to me."

That sums up how I feel about a lot of the journals out there. I'm glad that I have the easy way out, and can opt not to read them or even link. I feel that a few of the journals I've seen (none that I regularly read, though some certainly exist on my friends friends page) in passing are written by "professional victims." I can't help but wonder if a daily whiney / angst journal can be good, because they're getting it out of their system, or if it's a bad idea they're feeding that sense of misery and isolation to the exclusion of any other feelings. I suspect it's more often the latter. I do know that journals will sometimes have hostility, angst and melancholy in them... heck, I do it enough. The flipside, of course is the folks that write that way out of a desire for attention or coddling. "Woe is me, woe is me" loses a lot of its strength after hearing someone say it for a year.

The ones that complain and *only complain* deeply, heartfully about the most non-issues are what get me. If something bugs you, do something, and make a positive difference. The world's a big place with plenty of room for improvement.

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Perhaps I can't do as Dr. Lecter did... strip them nude, extract the sweetbreads, drop them in a Virginia church wearing only a silk top hat and with a child's bubble pipe in their mouths. But I can think and giggle about it.

If I were to suggest anything, I'd go with variety. Find something from the past that made you happy as a child, maybe. Try *not* whining about everything, but maybe celebrate something wonderful. I know that can be more easily said than done, but making an effort is a good first step.

Another totally unrelated linkadoodle - Some *amazing* cakes. Pastry sculpture, more like.

He who breaks the law, goes back to the house of pain.