August 7th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

Thinkin' about the Nap hounds. :)

Random story recently read - a novella called "The Zombies of Madison County," by Douglas E. Winter, inside The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume Nine, ed by Stephen Jones. It's a really nifty, gruesome story and zombie fans *HAVE* to know it. Take Bridges of Madison County, and add shambling undead.

Loopy amount of rains started last night at 8pm or so, until well in the evening. I had a delightful night, and had nice dreams, to boot. My waking mood was nothing short of cheerful. Had a grand breakfast of raspberry toaster strudel and Newt nuzzles, and happy gabbies.

Classic Plastic Army Men, complete with battle tactics. I still wish I could find the Star Trek ones again. Speaking of the things that come up when you search for army men....Worst "action figure set" I've seen yet. Not safe for work, unless they don't mind seeing a pudding girl eaten with a spoon shaped like a hand with a phallic handle.

A bus surveillance video of the bus driver who maced herself and then told her boss she was attacked, all so she could get a day off from work. Why do people go to these extremes? Why doesn't calling up your boss and faking a cough work? I am glad that there are hidden cameras on busses, though. A good application of tech for safety.

Best spam ever - Collapse )

Well, Criminy!! Regarding Vampires Peacekeepers mission 3 - Welcome, friend, to Peacekeepers Mission 3. Very sorry, but we can't do anything for you - you need one of our more advanced missions. Ramma-frazzin.... ah well, at least I have another fresh vampire baby, IRA.

It seems to be an epidemic -
blackbird says, "anyone want to give me coins and why does it say i need a more advanced mission???"
SwEeTDReaMS reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily.
Dragolis says "where is your advanced mission??"
Not to mention that I was out in the open, and got bitten 26 times! Bah!

Now For The First Time Ever You Can Have A Real Celebrity Call You Or A Friend For Just $19.95. They Can Also Deliver A Brief Customized Message Written By You For $29.95. Whether It's For A Special Occasion Or Just For The Fun It, There's No Better Way To Impress A Client, A Sweetheart Or A Friend Than To Have A Celebrity Call. So Place Your Order Today. ] Get C-list (and D-list) celebs to make personalized messages for you. I especially like the "Caps Every Letter In The Blurb" writing. I'm tempted to have Peter Jurasik leave a wise-ass Londo message on Kev's voicemail.

Okie.. enough goofing off... time for the afternoon stretches and scaldo-shower.

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