August 8th, 2003

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This morning arrived in a timely way, in the morning-time. I've gotten some very useful information on the project I've been dealing with lately, and I feel a lot better about letting it roll ahead.

DC pulled the retro-Teen Titans comic off the schedule, which means we'll never see these pages in print: "Teen Titans...Go(ne)!"

Well, poop. As a long-time Jay Stephens fan, I was looking forward to that.

Antidepressants Grow New Brain Cells Collapse )

Google News Alerts -
Google News Alerts are sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify.

Some handy uses of Google News Alerts include:
  • monitoring a developing news story

  • keeping current on a competitor or industry

  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event

  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams
Or in My case, keywords like Cannibal, Illuminati, coprolite, adipocere, Toho Studios and Monkeys. (not necessarily inclusive.. but wouldn't it be great if it was?) I had to change it from "as it happens" to "daily" because there are a *lot* of stories with the word monkey in them!

The Sacred Narghile - Call it what you will, shisha, hookah, narghile... If I was to smoke, that'd be the way I'd do it. The link is probably the most informative resource I've ever seen about them, especially the social elements.

Steve Burns album Songs for Dust Mites released 8/12/2003 It's a cute website, and the music isn't too bad either.

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scotto monkeypulse

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Oneeyed reminded me that my latest way to make Danny laugh is to say "What up, My crakuh? Dizz-anny! Fo' Shizzle!" in a Thurston Howell accent.

Great lines from old B-52s songs:
Before I talk, I should read a book. - Mesopotamia
That's often a great rule of thumb.
If you're lucky you get to ride in a gold meteorite
If you're not, you get a mouth, a mouthful of red Kryptonite -There's a Moon in The Sky
Red Kryptonite, in my comic-reading experience, is usually entertaining at least. The effects are nonfatal, generally cosmetic, and who wouldn't want to be transformed into a having a giant ant head /gorilla /set of twins or grow wings for a day or two?

Poll #166222 Red Berries Special K

If you could transform in some way that'd *only last 24-48 hours*, what would you take?

Giant Gorilla
Twins (one good /one evil)
Twins (Just duplicates)
Grow wings
Head Like an Ant
Bizarro Version of Self
2-year-old's body
Two Heads
Doubling your weight
Triple your brainpower, but you get a huge noggin
gender change
senior citizen
midas touch (gold only lasts the duration)
something else, see below

Something else? (In the comments is ok, if you want some room)