August 9th, 2003

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Balls of string have twiney goodness.

Water which is too pure has no fish.
-Ts'ai Ken T'an
I had a dream that there were bats in the closet of my old Boca apartment... An exterminator brought a trained monkey to run through the house with a net to collect them for release into the wild. Well, as we are standing there looking at the closet door covered with bats we hear something odd behind us. I turn around slowly to see a monkey with red eyes and long vampire fangs standing behind us. A vampire monkey, in full glory. The exterminator ran away but I just stood out front, holding Newt and watched as the monkey went after his former master. I went back inside, and was very confident that the bats were gone.

Here are some differences in the PHP/MySQL installation on UNIX vs. PHP/MySQL on windows:

1. Mysql passwords: On Win2k you can't just say 'localhost' you have to explicitly state the ip address of the server

2. Include_path() they are written very differently. On Win2k you have to explicitly state the drive that you want to look for the include paths on, or else it will look in the drive where PHP is installed

3. On Win2k you have to explicitly declare variables (I's a good idea, anyway.)

Newest Google trick... Become a Google voyeur, a neat little programming trick that looks for online images still bearing the filename automatically generated by the digital camera that took them. and here I was, naming my images something that would make it easy to know what they were!

Thanks to tarpo (introduced me to it) and egofood (reminded me that I'd created an account) , I've been fiddling a little with Puzzle Pirates much of this morning. I'm already really good at running a bilge and carpentry (glorified bejeweled and tetris, with some clever changes), but my sword fighting skill is in need of some polish. It's still in beta, but that's part of what makes it fun! (Also, something to do when There is down... which is losing some of its shine with all the lag, and tech troubles lately... they let too many people in this last go-round, I think) If you do decide to play, look for user Scottobear, based out of Winter Solstice, working at the Cloth of Clothos, or aboard the Unique Grunion ... or Newtie on Guava Island. (When not aboard the Electric Eel) you can't go far wrong with Lego-looking pirates, chat, and puzzle games. Plus, my Scottobear avatar looks a lot like me (albeit in Lego-format) It's in need of some sounds, being mysteriously silent… but that's nothing a little background music here can't fix. Something I think would be fun to play with my sweetie, and maybe even a bigger group of pals.

"It tastes like a cross between vodka and chewing tobacco," said Fort Lauderdale resident Jonathan Cook after trying his first nicotini. "That's not necessarily a bad thing." Spoken like a man who's been on the business end of the impromptu beer bottle spittoon more than once. The Cathode Ray is a gay bar just up the street from here.... I'll refrain from making the blatant "cocktail" joke, and just say that it sounds like a disgusting drink. I'd think that a patch or nicotine gum would be a more appropriate alternative to sucking on a ragged, booze-soaked tobacco leaf. I'd much prefer a tropical froufrou drink.

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scotto monkeypulse

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So far, I've gotten 3.5 (one person filled out half the questions) responses on my Blunt truth "What do you really think of me?" Quiz.

Some spiffy Mehndi designs (I went seeking after seeing sedefendendo's post.)

Lazy, lazy day. I worked on MySQL/php code this morning, but with the thunder outside, along with an orange kitty made a point of me having to take a nap. There's little better to do in the middle of a Saturday than kicking back for an hour with a little snooze, curled up under the covers with a snuggly little furball. He's been a real sweetheart lately, playful and very affectionate.

Puzzle Pirates update - Scottobear Puts into port on Winter Solstice in the Diamond Archipelago is now a member of the Crew of the Burlap Lemurs, aboard the Critical Grunion

I'm a fair sailor, good swordsman and carpenter, and excellent at the bilge pump. Not learned navigation yet. The trade aspect is interesting, but still not really touched upon.

For late lunch/early din din I'm having some veggie-burgers on toast with a side of bbq beans and sipping iced earl gray tea.
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