August 10th, 2003

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whoops! meant to hit post at like 1pm.

Bright eyed and bushy tailedBright eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. got pleasantly surprised by a little howdy form oneyed, sedefend and assorted family extras on cam this morning. I now have pictures of mom giving daughter noogies and groucho glasses, not to mention a pic of newt broadcast to Saudi Arabia and back. Newt's officially an international video star!

I've been wondering about language this morning... what do folks do when there "isn't a word for that" in their native language? What would folks living in the Amazon jungle call a sandstorm? Would they use a foreign word (like English speakers generally do) or do they make up a whole new word in the native tongue? I suppose it depends, and isn't terribly important, given that most folks don't deal with non-local issues that often.

A piccie of me aboard ship, ported at Alpha.. I dig the mermaid on the bow :) I left in the control panel and overmap to give a sense of what the menu system is like. I'm better at sailing now, but the cannons are still pretty tough. I picked up enough pieces of eight to dress less like a newbie.. red bandanna, green shirt and orange sash... I prefer going barefoot, so that's fine. Being a member of a crew makes it quite a bit more entertaining. I've been thinking of building a Weavers or apocathary on Oyster Island, too.

King o' the world!

Via the vampires game - Peacekeepers Mission on Emerald and 67th - Welcome, friend, to Peacekeepers Mission 1. For 10000 coins you can increase your Neutrality. Be aware! If you have any Neutrality, you cannot use Holy Water, and your Scrolls of Turning will do no damage. At the lower levels of Neutrality, you will still be partially vulnerable to such attacks. Sadly, I had less than 2000, so I must continue to seek and suck. so, I did the next best thing, which was to use a scroll of turning in there, and sent about bunch of vampires a-running.

A Canadian company has successfully mimicked nature and produced spider silk, a coveted substance five times stronger - weight for weight - than steel.

KINGS OF AFRICA - Photographs by Daniel LAINÉ It took Daniel Laine, three years 1988 - 1991) of effort and intense diplomatic steps to realize this fantastic work. During this period, he was able to photograph 70 sovereigns, descendants of the great African dynasties.

Difference between airbrush and natural bikini model mouse over to see what they looked like before. The whole portfolio is nifty to look at.

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