August 11th, 2003

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Random thoughts

Wow... lots and lots of rain lately. It works as a super sedative. I think the scent of ozone / fresh rains are one of the most powerful sedatives known to man. The sound of storms brings me comfort.

Dan's back at school. This next month is going to be busy for him! I don't imagine that I'll see him face to face until mid-September.

Chris Walken was on the Denis Leary roast last night (which, if it's like the other roasts, will be shown non-stop for the next month), and boy is he ancient! Holy cow! He looks like Methuselah's Uncle Louis. He's still cool and creepy, though.

Windbear and Oceanbird are Mandark's parents.

I'd like to see the Flash TV series back on the air for a bit... I'd like to see some episodes again.

I don't use the term "muttonhead" enough to describe people that could be described as muttonheads.

The LJ Haiku link doesn't work for me. The more freeform poetry still does, though.

A cool Lego-adventure game.

Four has great significance in voodoo. Papa Doc Duvalier surrounded himself with fours. The license plate of his official limo was 4444. Much of voodoo involves "crossing" to either defend or attack. An X will be formed of nails in the left boot heel to protect the wearer from evil by "crossing" the entryway. Crossing two nails hammered into doorway protected houses. Four points are needed for a cross or X. Root doctors protect a room by placing magical items at the four corners of a room, then placing the completing items at the point in the room where imaginary lines from the four corners intersect. This is why crossroads are places of power. Afro-Caribbean magic often requires symbolic offerings to the four cardinal points.

I'd like a flash mob to show up and clean my apartment.

A few weeks ago for dessert at the Thai food place I split a dish of lychee with Danny... it was chilled and in a light syrup. I've recently discovered a tree by my local mailbox bears the same fruit, and is heavy and ripe. I'm wondering how safe it would be to pick a few and eat them directly. I had no idea those things were even edible, though I've seen them here and there over the last ten years or so. They're sort of like grapes, with a more pineapple texture.

Self-defence with a Walking-stick: The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking-Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions, A charmingly formal self-defense manual from the early 1900s.

Psychiatry for disturbed toys. The little alligator is my favorite. I want to take care of him.

What do you get when you combine the distinctive riffs of Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore with Renaissance music? You Get Blackmore's Night.

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Ugh.. had to reset and adjust my video files. for some reason my multi-monitor support got corrupted. Rather than live my life with half the screen real estate that I'm used to, I was obliged to fix it. Pretty straightforward, but it took about 45min to an hour all told.

Man, ATI puts itself *everywhere*. I'm always a little squeamish about rooting around the registry, but it's all good as long as there's a backup handy.

Note to everyone using windows -*ALWAYS* back up your registry before changing it. Actually, that's a good rule of thumb for anything major. If you don't backup, you're asking for trouble, bub.

Pleasant side effect, I can watch full-screen movies with no frame dropping.
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There were 5 guys sitting in the front courtyard, drinking and talking overly loud. I don't have many triggers, but getting in my territory and disturbing the peace in my home is surely one.

They'd been sitting and talking and drinking and getting progressively louder since about 5pm. Four and a half hours later, I didn't see any signs of it winding down, so I stuck my nose out and asked politely if they could keep it down, because I couldn't hear the TV over them, and they very kindly accommodated me.

Score one for the friendly method. (My next step would've been to ask one more time, and then call the cops.)
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