August 13th, 2003

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Nice dreams last night, thinking of my sweetheart and time alone spent with her.

Death by Jell-OI had to look up Gelatinous Cube, Green Slime, Ochre Jelly, and assorted Oozes. (Little relation to the movie), as I'd been thinking about them since last night.

Those monsters have a special place in my heart, not only because they're icky and oogy, but because they were some of the first critters I had to fight in the old D&D days. A sad end for my first ever built fighter...I was in 7th grade at the time, and the other players were Kevin, Sean, Julian, and I think Monte.) I don't recall the fighter's name, but the game was fun. Being numbed and digested by a giant jelly that's designed as a dungeon cleaning system is something.

DNA technology is helping scientists learn more about a rare genetic phenomenon. When two fertilized eggs fuse in the womb, they create a child with two full sets of genes, called a chimera. NPR's David Baron reports.

The article also discusses mosaics, where different portions of the body have different chromosomes or genes. It does mention that these are common, especially "blood mosaics" where there are different circulating populations of blood cells. Not a big deal for red blood cells, since they have no nucleus anyway, but more of a problem for white blood cells.

However, the article dramatically understates how common mosaics are. Since every woman is a mosaic, the incidence is more than 50%. In mammals, only one copy of an X chromosome is needed so one becomes inactive. As a result, there will be two cell populations in a female mammal's body based on which X chromosome is active. Most of the time this is not noticeable, but it is possible, through pure chance, for an X-linked genetic defect to be expressed in a woman.

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Why haven't I heard any Jokes about Schwarzenegger being "The Running Man" yet? I'd think I'd be sick of it by now. Maybe if I was in California, or watched more TV.

My favorite Arnie sound bite was when he was still being coy about running. The press was out waiting for a bite at the premiere of T3, and Arnie did the conservative reflex quote. No no, I'm no hero, the real heroes are our dear sainted boys Over There. Except, of course, the desperate reflex to ladle the troops over everything like ketchup ended up coming out:

"But our troops are the *real* Terminators."

Say what, Arnie? Are you saying that our troops are the *real* soulless killing machines roaming a blasted wasteland killing the last remnants of humanity? Enquiring minds need to know.

It's a shame that he can't run for president because he wasn't born here. Reagan had "Make my day" but Arnie has a lot of cool lines. "I'll be back." "Hasta la vista, baby." "I lied." "F- you, a-hole." The mind boggles at the potential campaign slogans.

I've been recently added by guchua Hi! I don't understand Russian, but welcome.

I also tripped over the LJ of someone I gamed with at Dragon-Con '98, but won't be adding him, because his journal doesn't look like something I want to read regularly.

sweetalyssm mentioned the I work with fools blog. Holy cow... there are some Doozies in there... I had to add it to my blogroll. I should submit some stories about David Carlson form his days at IMT. I've never worked with a creepier, filthier beast. This entry could've come right out of a book about him, especially the salad making. The "instant escape" boss key is a nice touch.

Finally... an idiot's guide that makes sense. Memory Cues for later David Carlson entries, Constant drinking of Nyquil, coming to work in unwashed "lawn-cutting" clothes, eating unrefrigerated tuna casserole stored in his car over the course of a week or so, sleeping in the parking lot, being sent home to bathe, coming on to Erica (at 16) when he was about three times her age, Tourette's-like outbursts when I was talking to Kev and Dale, Invasion of personal space, Dale's "Line of Death" as a result. Canned squid in ink sauce.

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Baron Munchausen Trade Cards Woman 1944. I think the frame where she's transforming into Diana Prince is especially a hoot.

AAA pays for billboard warning drivers of Florida town's speed trap - AAA official says Waldo, Florida makes more money from tickets than it spends on the entire Police Department. "The Police Department is a profit center for the town," he says.

Cockroaches Foil Domino Record Attempt "One bug managed to knock down 10,000 tiles -- a day's work. There have been ongoing problems with cockroaches getting on the floor ... they can wreak havoc with 350,000 dominoes"

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Messing around with Director, working on an older puzzle that I'd forgotten about but can fiddle with in a lag time. I've got the interface pretty much down, now the logic comes into play.

No dice seeing Leonids or Mars last night, as the cloud cover was thick as thieves. Perhaps tonight will be a better view.

Google has a built-in calculator.

I think a few pinwheels in the garden would look nice with all the wind happening lately.

Microsoft abandons Outlook Express - Microsoft executives are hoping those users will now switch to the full-blown Outlook client (and pay for an Office license in the process).

Finally figured out what was bugging me about the Teen Titan's theme music. It's a Japan-pop version of Secret Agent Man (or close enough to make me think it was familiar.)

Goog Ol' Newtie is relaxing in "Cat-loaf" mode just within pet-reach on the windowsill, and things seem to be pretty cool with the world.

Bro called me with a phone card a little while ago, and he's waiting for Wilton to head over to meet with him.