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August 16th, 2003

Newtie, sleeping with the rainStrange "rock and roll" dreams last night. I saw my brother at a concert, and he was on stage, wailing into a microphone Aerosmith-style, wearing knee-length green shorts and was shirtless, showing off his tattoos and scars. There was a lot of dancing happening in the crowd, though it was my more familiar hippie twirling and doing more groovy moves.

I found out that I have to eat inside my point range, and not drop below it.. so I'll get another serving or two. That's good to know! Thanks annalytical! I've been craving country-style Mac & Cheese since last night... maybe I'll get some this evening for supper.

Sweet, soft rain coming down now, and I'm comforted by that sound. I don't think I'll be going out to pick anything up, as it's too comfy right here.

The New Diamond Age - Armed with inexpensive, mass-produced gems, two startups are launching an assault on the De Beers cartel.

De Beers... I really despise the entire diamond industry. It's based on cruelty, child slave labor, and base vanity. I can only hope that it does get knocked down, and quickly.

Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring:Read more...Collapse )

In all honestly, I'd rather get someone I care about a lasting symbol of love that didn't represent so much misery and hurt to others. I'm not sure what, exactly. Amber is a good one... collected in Latvia, and has a connection to plant life on earth.

In related news, Idi Amin, the Butcher of Uganda is dead. Can't say as the world will miss him.

Crocodile men from the Congo some wacky tabloid news to lighten things upCollapse )

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3 years ago - ebooks, hungry
Point Range: 31-36
Water: 8 Veg/Fruit: 0 Milk: 0
Points: 34 Adj: 0 Act: 1 Rem: 2
Bank: 10 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Start on Sunday
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 8 points
2: Orange juice; chilled; includes from concentrate
3: Cereals; REESE'S PUFFS
3: Cereals; REESE'S PUFFS

Lunch: 7 points
1: Yogurt; fat free, blueberry 4.4 oz
1: Yogurt; fat free, blueberry 4.4 oz
4: Goldfish
1: Yogurt; fat free, blueberry 4.4 oz

Dinner: 6 points
2: Boca burger
2: Boca burger
1: Peas & onions; canned; solids & liquids
1: Peas & onions; canned; solids & liquids

Snack: 13 points
3: Cereals; REESE'S PUFFS
4: Chocolate
6: Black and white cookie


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