August 18th, 2003

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cam pic taken later.
Newton J. McNoseycat has taken it upon himself to swab around in my loot some, so I got some incentive to clean up and organize my palm and camera stuff. Looks like Lovejoy isn't on Channel 2 at noon anymore.... some motivational speaker. Ah well... Danny's at school now, so no discussions will occur until Christmas Holiday.

Want your scream in a video game about giant monsters?

Of course you do. You'll get voice credit, too, if you like.

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Groovy space-pop.and the awful, "Walk Don't Run" by the Marty Cooper Clan

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They've got a station on Live 365, too, but as always, with those guys, make sure a pop-up stopper is in place.

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3 years ago - bakery dog
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Slow day today... Biggest event was switching some data over to stronger servers... Thoughts for the ZIS development in processing is rolling along nicely, though, all maintained on one server to stop conflicts. The designer has it in his site now, and I'm just home-brewing locally. Next ideas are potentially for semi-slowing terrain, flame, water, and maybe weapons for the humans.

Difficult eating up to my point level today. I've revised the WWcalc to use tenths of a point, instead of rounding up or down. I actually had to resort to adding a drink to dinner to account for my overly light lunch.

Today's eats (haven't had the snack yet)

Point Range: 31-36
Water: 8 Veg/Fruit: 0 Milk: 0
Points: 33.2 Adj: 0 Act: 0 Rem: 2.8
Bank: 10.0 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Rolling 7 days
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 8.8 points
3.2: Cranberry-apple juice drink; bottled
2.8: Cereals; REESE'S PUFFS
2.8: Cereals; REESE'S PUFFS

Lunch: 4.1 points
3.5: Goldfish
0.3: Egg; whole; hard-boiled
0.3: Egg; whole; hard-boiled

Dinner: 11.7 points
5.3: Amy's Enchilada dinner
3.2: Cranberry-apple juice drink; bottled
3.2: Cranberry-apple juice drink; bottled

Snack: 8.6 points
4.3: Toaster Pastries; POP TARTS; Frosted chocolate fudge
4.3: Toaster Pastries; POP TARTS; Frosted chocolate fudge
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Ok, well, making it bigger than 250 x 250 is not very computationally sound. It runs considerably slower. (Besides, once you scale up, the zombies will be at least 8 x 8 if not bigger)

Reading up on the Burgertum, the German "Middle class" before the industrial revolution. It's pretty amazing that at the time, (mid-19th century) about one in every four University educated was a Protestant pastor. By the mid-nineteenth century one third of pastors were the sons of pastors... a very insular and set culture being put in place.

Tonight's Episode of JCA was pretty nifty...Fairly Tohru-centric.
Tohru, of Jackie Chan Adventures.

Tohru's favorite soda is grape, and his mom can do the evil eye.

I admire a bad guy character that's changed sides to try to do good, and the fact that he's got a lot of humility. Season 2 is a *lot* better than season 1, I think.
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