August 27th, 2003

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Anyone that's going to dragon*con, if you see free heroclix-type stuff being given away, grab some for me, if you think of it, and care to.

Still waiting for some goodies form overseas to appear in my mailbox.. I wonder how long shipping takes from the middle east? I've also been expecting a check since Monday. I've just left a voice mail to find out if it's on the way.

ADHD girl today, 12 years old with the behavior of a 3 year old... she was lost, but was ultimately fond by the police on the roof of her own house.

Frankie interrupted me at the door while I was talking to Danny last night, begging to use the phone. He didn't seem to believe me when I told him I was using the phone. Tough noogies, Frankie. You want access to a phone anytime, drop a quarter and a dime over at the 7-11 pay phone. If it's not an emergency, you don’t have my sympathy.

I notice that StarBucks and Borders are offering wireless hotspots... sponsored by T-mobile. Sounds good at first glance, so I read a little more deeply. The fine print - "Sign up for an unlimited monthly subscription plan starting at $29.99 or pay as you go for only $6.00 per hour".

Around the corner, there's an internet cafe that provides the hourly service for the same price, and the coffee is better.

If you don't need coffee, the Broward county library has 50 t-1 ready computers free for the using.

What bugs me is that it plays at being free-free, but 24 hours and then we bill you. Bah on them. I think paying $4 for a coffee drink should be enough incentive for me to use my 'pooter there, or at least make it cost less than home service, for pity's sake.

Cool paper toys, including a free DIY leaping sheep and Zen.

The BBC announced plans to make its entire radio and television program archive available for free online.

Cool phony business cards to confuse and delight.

Word of the day -
dasypygal (da-si-PYE-gul) adjective

Having hairy buttocks.

[From Greek dasy- (hairy, dense) + pyge (buttocks).]

A related word is dasymeter, an instrument for measuring the..., no, not that, rather the density of gases. Another related word is callipygian, having a beautiful behind.

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scotto monkeypulse

Today's eats / Japanese potty

Point Range: 31-36
Water: 3 Veg/Fruit: 1 Milk: 0
Points: 31.1 Adj: 0 Act: 2.0 Rem: 6.9
Bank: 10.0 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Rolling 7 days
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 8.5 points
8.0: Croissan'wich w/ Egg & Cheese
0.5: Ketchup

Lunch: 13.0 points
6.5: BK Veggie Burger
6.5: BK Veggie Burger

Dinner: 9.0 points
1.4: Bagels; egg
1.4: Bagels; egg
1.4: Bagels; egg
2.4: Peanut butter; smooth style 1 tbsp
2.4: Peanut butter; smooth style 1 tbsp

Snack: 0.6 points
0.6: Fruit juice bar; raspberry

how to use Japanese toilets. via ishgod
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