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August 28th, 2003

The Three Idiots! They swallow brushes!

An old palm-pic of me in my black shirt with diamonds.

F-ing Mongorians were on last night, and I laughed and laughed... Newt's adapted to my new sleep schedule and is now back on track of swabbing me awake about 15 minutes before my wake-up alerts go off. Note to self, call vet today about appointment. I have my own doc's appt next week, too.

This week has whizzed by amazingly fast, so far.

Kamasutra fully scanned in an open directory... - Not safe for work.

Making fiends cartoons

The whole run of all the mars attacks cards.

My feelings on bookstoresCollapse )

Three minutes and 45 seconds into an radio interview with Sean Hannity, Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a bombshell:
"I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman."
Even in California I'm thinking that's not going to go over well. - (via defective yeti)

Dan & I playing heroclix a year ago.

got that dreaded toe-hang? Toe-shortening surgery may sound a bit macabre to the average pump-wearer, but it's not an original idea. According to the unsanitized Grimm Brothers fairy tale, Cinderella's stepsisters hacked off pieces of their feet in attempts to fit into the famous slipper. Today's procedures are usually more successful.

Okie doke, on my way. Unitl later, dear journal.


palm update

7:32 am
conjunction junction theme in my head.

The county courthouse and jail are on the path to ACIM... These days I wonder how many people (what percentage) are inside for harming or attempting to harm another person physically, and how many of those are children.
7:58 am
Waiting by the front door for my fellow propeller head. Timing is pretty good... I arrive early enough to get a soda, and eat my breakfast sammich. I think I'll go back to morningstar English muffins... Croissant is tasty, but expensive, points-wise.

Speaking of which, I need to get a scale, pronto, to measure progress and adjust points if needed. I still have not made the trip to market and the cupboard is getting bare.
8:07 am
I'm beginning to suspect that prop2 is a habitual tardy... This might just be a bad week for her, so I'll reserve judgment for the time being. The building is starting to grow more active now, with comings and goings of the assorted worker-ants.
8:13 am
Big Kahuna arrival - she's beat after a 10pm meeting to shoot a psa.
8:14 am
Prop2 arrival... the poor woman had a flat yesterday, and today, it's no brakes. She's got the worst luck with cars!

food and misc

I just had some seriously tasty beans and veggies for din din... lemon-salad is soooo good.

Good day today, and managed to recover a lost document for PR, and scrubbed a lot of the adware off of all the poor browsing computers, worked on setting up the reporting software for the quarterly and annual totals for the missing kids / Alzheimer’s / sexual predators database. I'm looking forward to getting the amber alert system down, too. I'm feeling really good about this gig...it's nice to think that I'm able to make a contribution, daily. My work ethic is high... It sort of feels like the library up vibe so many years ago. I only hope to avoid the Farace effect.

Brother came by at about 4:30, and we discussed a few things.. I'm glad I got to see him, as he was incommunicado for the last day or two. September 4 can't come quickly enough... speaking of which, I've got a final appt with the doc in a week to verify that I'm all in one piece and doin' Jim dandy, back / leg / knee-wise.

More free paper craft models.

Museum of the mind

Themed fonts from games, bands, TV/movies and misc.

Misc palm-cam pics from this morning between the church, the courthouse and jail.

Three mildly blurry and poorly captured angles from the corner of Broward & ThirdCollapse )

also some cool blackout pics by John Wehr

Today's Eats -
Point Range: 31-36
Water: 5 Veg/Fruit: 2 Milk: 0
Points: 31.2 Adj: 0 Act: 3.8 Rem: 8.6
Bank: 10.0 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Rolling 7 days
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 8.0 points
8.0: Croissan'wich w/ Egg & Cheese

Lunch: 7.2 points
5.5: BK Veggie Burger w/o Reduced Fat Mayo
0.0: Side salad
1.0: Kraft Fat Free Ranch dressing
0.0: Soda; Low calorie; other than cola or pepper; w/aspartame
0.7: Olives

Dinner: 8.4 points
2.8: Baked beans in veggie sauce-1 cup
2.8: Baked beans in veggie sauce-1 cup
2.8: Baked beans in veggie sauce-1 cup
0.0: Side salad
0.0: Lemons; raw; w/o peel

Snack: 7.6 points
6.6: ice cream ; fudge ripple - 1 cup
1.0: Dove dark chocolate promise

Activity Log: (Min:Int: Points Desc)
20:L: 1.6 Morning- stretches
20:M: 2.2 Evening- stretches

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