August 30th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

Question not yon clams, and yon jerk-ed beef!

Hopefully I'll be getting together with the bro today, to shoot the breeze and spend some quality time together, even if it's only to do laundry and chum around. He's supposed to call me by noon... if I don't hear from him by one, I'll have to fly solo. I'd like everything to be calm and comfy for my Monday. [update 3:10 pm Bah, no call yet... solo laundry it is. ]

Wondering what it's like to be deaf, and not be able to even hear the sound of your own voice.

I just realized that the spoonerism for art fair is fart air. heehaw... how old am I?

Helpful Vampire game hint - The barman says "The closest shop to here is The Potion Shoppe, right by Emerald and 71st. I do wish those damn magic shops would stay still for a while."

Random Comic Book Factoid.... Krypto, the Superdog was Skippy, and he disguised his secret ID with brown spray paint. Collapse )

Danny mentioned that many, if not all of the students in the Sci-Fi club have journals... primarily on Deadjournal. Interesting how widely the phenomenon has grown over the last some years. Apparently the Making fiends link went over well with them.

Scout walker Kama Sutra. AT-STs in the throes of passion! How Sex-ay!

Morning Newt by request -

pretending to be a turkey vulture
Stalking the elusive paper wad

Morning Monitor-peer
Talking to me from atop the monitor 1

Interactive Dali - Try your forces in the surrealism! Change the image as you like. You can move and resize the parts as you like.

A Watch Powered by Snake Oil "Like a deflector shield protecting the Starship Enterprise from its enemies, a new watch promises to shield the body from "electronic pollution" from cell phones and other gadgets."

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scotto monkeypulse

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Ok, I confess. I officially like Kim Possible. Monkey Ninjas. Naked Mole Rats Named Rufus. Evil Scottish Golfers, and the Head of the Global Defense league (a woman in an eye patch) has an evil *fraternal* twin (A guy in an eye patch and goatee).

Today's Eats - *note to self, the cupboard is bare! get food, man!*

Point Range: 31-36
Water: 3 Veg/Fruit: 3 Milk: 0
Points: 31.2 Adj: 0 Act: 3.8 Rem: 8.6
Bank: 10.0 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Rolling 7 days
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 7.6 points
4.8: Egg sandwich -morningstar

Lunch: 8.7 points
2.6: Cheese; provolone
1.1: Bread; whole-wheat; commercially prepared
1.1: Bread; whole-wheat; commercially prepared
0.0: Mixed veggies
0.2: Peppers; sweet; red;
0.1: Olives; ripe; canned (jumbo-super colossal)
0.1: Olives; ripe; canned (jumbo-super colossal)
0.0: Vinegar; cider
3.5: Oil; olive; salad or cooking
0.0: Soda; Low calorie; other than cola or pepper; w/aspartame

Dinner: 10.4 points
1.4: Bagels; egg
1.4: Bagels; egg
2.4: Peanut butter; smooth style 1 tbsp
1.4: Bagels; egg
1.4: Bagels; egg
2.4: Peanut butter; smooth style 1 tbsp

Snack: 4.5 points
4.5: Toaster Pastries; raspberry strudel

Activity Log: (Min:Int:Points Desc)
20:L:1.6 Morning- stretches
20:M:2.2 Evening- stretches