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August 31st, 2003

Heard from the bro this afternoon... he didn't bother even mentioning skipping out on yesterday, but at least he checked in with me.

Danny may be able to help me find school volunteers for some ACIM stuff! I'll get his contact info to the pr crew over there. It'll be nice help the resource.

Stubbed my toe last night, and it hurt like the dickens for a half-second... I had to do some creative home surgery to out-ingrown the toenail there. Not what I wanted to do during the wee hours of the morning, but things have to be done. Also discovered that the fan on big brain's power supply is only working intermittently, so that needs to be swapped out, before he bites the biscuit. I'm going to have to crack him open and do a major overhaul on him one way or the other... was even briefly considering just replacing it outright, but that may be rather drastic, reflecting on it now.

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Still too early to see the strike zones for Hurricane Fabian
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Newt rejected as potential for governor of California. I don't know.. he's as viable as Eminem or Cookie Monster.

Newton, running for Office
back from the grocer... I got so spoiled with home delivery.... no waiting in line, no travel... just move the groceries from the front door to the cupboard and fridge. Though, I'm more likely to "impulse buy" online rather than in the store itself. Another upside of going to the grocer was to use the scale... until I saw that it doesn't go up past 280, which isn't helpful to me... maybe in another six months.

I'm glad that I have a stocked house again...I found some tofurkey stuff that has gotten great reviews. The Beer Brats are on my list for tomorrow's eats, along with a bed of kraut and yummy brown mustard.

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today's eats

Point Range: 31-36
Water: 3 Veg/Fruit: 0 Milk: 0
Points: 31.3 Adj: 0 Act: 3.8 Rem: 8.5
Bank: 10.0 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 10 Point: 5 Act: 4
Bank Method: Rolling 7 days
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 4.2 points
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup

Lunch: 4.8 points
4.8: Egg sandwich -morningstar

Dinner: 12.5 points
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar
0.1: Beans; snap; green; canned; no salt added; drained solids
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar

Snack: 9.8 points
3.5: Goldfish
2.1: Orange juice; chilled; includes from concentrate
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup

Activity Log: (Min:Int:Points Desc)
20:L:1.6 Morning- stretches
20:M:2.2 Evening- stretches


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