September 1st, 2003

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Labor day

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time today... so far, so good. It's going to get better, too, I'm sure.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on TV last night.. I haven't seen it in ages, and forgot how fun it was, though I think Benny Hill was underused.

Red-Haired Barbarians: The Dutch and other foreigners in Nagasaki and Yokohama, 1800-1865 40 Japanese prints from the NEHA collection.

Who was Aunt Jemima? (via art for housewives)

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from pilarcruz:

1 MINUTE AGO: cleaned out Newt's litter
1 DAY AGO: Went Grocery shopping
1 WEEK AGO: started at acim
1 YEAR AGO: played heroclix with Dave,

I HURT: my toe last night (fine now)
I LOVE: sleeping in with the rain falling and Newt by my neck.
I HATE: that my brother is in his current situation
I FEAR: that it he may be that way for the rest of his life
I HOPE: that all those dear to me are prosperous and healthy
I FEEL: good about my new gig
I LISTEN: to my head, heart, and gut. I admit that gut seems to get priority too often.
I HIDE: my hand under a blanket to put Newt into Stalk-mode
I DRIVE: a pair of black sneakers, and a mean internet browser
I PLAY: paper wad fetch, twenty questions, orisinal games
I MISS: playing champions, and the sort of "weekly community
I'VE LEARNED: that people are fascinating, complex things, even the most seemingly bland ones.
I KNOW: that there are very few things that are "black or white", though some people believe otherwise
I WAIT: patiently, as long as I have something to read, or some way to distract myself.
I NEED: to learn new things regularly.
I THINK: old books, monkeys, giant squid, ancient civilizations and common beliefs around the world are very nifty.

Current Clothes: Boxers marked "Handle with care"
Current Mood: pretty good
Current Music: thunder and rain outside, Zwan in here
Current Hair: Long, Brown, hanging down... "Fabio mode"
Current Annoyance: Nothing's really annoying me right now.
Current Smell: rain, sandalwood
Current thing I should be Doing: it's a holiday. I'm doing what I should be... lazing around.
Current Desktop Picture: nifty burgundy & silver "Celtic meets Persian" pseudo fabric with knotwork.
Current Favorite bands/singers: Zwan is a new fave, but I like a lot of music.
Current Book: Champions - Aaron Allston
Current Movie In VCR/DVD: had to look... Young Frankenstein.
Current Refreshment: ice cold water
Current Worry: see fear, above
Random fact of the moment: My least favorite slang term for breasts is "cans".

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Random Scotto factoid - I liked Dynamite Magazine when I was in elementary school, but only because of Magic Wanda's tricks page. DYNAMITE (1974-1992)

The Rain stopped!

Enough looking out the window... time to chill out.

ok, I've implemented flex points in my system...we'll see how that works out. Rather than point ranges for each day, 35 flex points are awarded each week. These points may be used as needed during the week. As part of this program Weight Watchers has eliminated point ranges and now assigns a single daily point value for each weight group. Seven days, five points a day, equals 35 points. I've done the math, and you still get the exact same number of points per week - it's just a different psychological way of counting. They're just modifying the system so that it's in terms of a week rather than in terms of a day... though I can reserve some for a extra gluttonous day on occasion.

I've been craving ice cream cake since Cookie Puss has made a return to Carvel. Though... fudgie the whale seems to be sort of ironic. "To a whale of a dad... Here's a big chunk of ice cream, tubbo!"

Speaking of which, I sort of like Am I Annoying or Not? of the "Or Not?" trends. Cleopatra's Entry

Segue into Egypt...

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Image quest marine - beautiful shots of marine life.
scotto monkeypulse

today's eats

Points: 34.8 Adj: 0 Act: 0.0 Rem: -0.8
Bank: 34.2 Adj: 35
Bank Max: 35 Point: 0 Act: 0
Bank Method: Start on Monday
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 2.7 points
0.3: Egg; whole; hard-boiled
0.3: Egg; whole; hard-boiled
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup

Lunch: 7.8 points
3.5: Goldfish
4.0: Egg sandwich -morningstar no cheese
0.3: Egg; whole; hard-boiled

Dinner: 10.9 points
5.3: Amy's Enchilada dinner
4.2: Corn; sweet; white; canned; whole kernel; drained solids-1 can
1.4: Yogurt; fat free, blueberry 4.4 oz

Snack: 13.4 points
4.8: ice cream ; low fat fudge ripple - 1 cup
4.3: Toaster Pastries; POP TARTS; Frosted chocolate fudge
4.3: Toaster Pastries; POP TARTS; Frosted chocolate fudge
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Today was supposed to be a day of rest and comfort. From 3PM on, that simply wasn't the case. Tomorrow will be a better day... I'll be able to focus on other issues. There were a few positives about the day... Fortunately, I have some good anchors to keep me grounded. Added bonus, short week ahead.

I get to be a piglet for dessert snack tonight, because I need to catch up on my points, and I'm not in the mood for orange juice.

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Since it looks like hurricane Fabian is going to miss us, some other weather links. Nifty Earthquake tracker for the USA (also the world) Also Lightning Strikes for the USA, and a tighter one for Florida.

Watching my blogshares go up. I'm currently at Total Portfolio: $847,447.65. Folder: 18 blogs.

Vampire game clue - Dark desires on Olive & 61st... They have - Scroll of Turning (500) Vial of Holy Water (2000) Scroll of Teleportation (5000)

I've been trying to get a call through to Dave and Cathi for a while... but they're pretty busy lately, with another baby on the way, and the purchase of the second house coming up.

Tried out Toontown, a multiplayer game set in the disneyverse. If in the course of visiting you find an orange cat in stripes by the name of Max Nicklenoodle, that's me. The idea of evil robot businessmen in suits called "cogs" cracks me up to no end. My free account is good until Wednesday.

Hitting the sack shortly. Until later, dear journal. Getting up 15 earlier to adjust for the new route times.