September 2nd, 2003

Kind lady

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Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!

Well, I've got a fair amount of sleep under my belt (about 5 hours... I prefer at least 6) so I think I've got a decent amount of Scotto-fuel to get me through the day.

I've got the things I'm going to mail off today, and my bank deposit. Hopefully, I can get that stuff taken care of sometime midday. It’s raining and thundering out right now... I'm in a decent mood.

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Until later, dear journal.

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Kind lady

(no subject)

Only 5 more months until my birfday!

Got my packages into the mail, so goodies (and forwarded goodies) should be winging the way to points north as I type this.

Getting together with the Bro tomorrow for an early supper at Tokyo bowl...I figure we can get out convo caught up there over some California rolls and miso, or bean burritos and rice. I want to spend as much time with him as possible before he heads off.

Ol' Network gave us some trouble today, right as I was setting up an email account.. I thought first that the pc was down, then the server.. it turned out internet was broken across the board. A mild setback and we were up and running in under an hour.

I had a nice email convo, and got to call Kev on the phone to ask for him to donate some hardware, software and license stuff to ACIM, and also make a tentative appointment for a get together at IHOP for some tasty nighttime breakfast.

Putting a lot of our donated art stuff from Las Olas on eBay, and tracking that is going to be a daily fun stop

for Kat - (since I can't seem to sign comments at Enigma) The Billboard website. Look at the Charts on the left. Albums, for example.

Today's eats -

Water: 6 Veg/Fruit: 4 Milk: 0
Points: 34.9 Adj: 0 Act: 0.0 Rem: -0.9
Bank: 33.3 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 35 Point: 0 Act: 0
Bank Method: Start on Monday
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 8.0 points
8.0: Croissan'wich w/ Egg & Cheese

Lunch: 6.5 points
5.5: BK Veggie Burger w/o Reduced Fat Mayo
0.0: Side salad
1.0: Kraft Fat Free Ranch dressing

Dinner: 13.5 points
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar
3.1: Chik patties - morningstar
1.4: Peas sweet; 1 can; solids & liquids
5.9: Veggie munchees -12

Snack: 6.9 points
4.8: ice cream ; low fat fudge ripple - 1 cup
2.1: Cereals; LC OATS 1 cup