September 6th, 2003

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Ramma-frazzin landlord knocked on my door at 9am this morning and woke me out of a deep sleep to ask me a question about the trash cans outside. Not everyone is up and out and about that early on his day off.... I was so groggy that I forgot to ask him which tenant is leaving, even though I suspect the reason he was asking me was to make sure the place is clean and sharp for potential new folks moving in.

Life in Elizabethan England : a compendium of common knowledge

Death - The last taboo - Throughout the world, death and the rituals that surround it are steeped in taboos. Death is celebrated, embraced and feared. Around death and the dead, cultures put in place diverse restrictions and practices associated with clothing, food and ritual. This website explores what happens to us when we die and the different ways we deal with death.

Images via IRC - Displays images directly from recently added channels to SearchIRC. Channels are added in huge chunks every 60 seconds, so hitting reload on your browser on this page will usually display fresh new images for your viewing pleasure. Like anything on the net, it can be cool, unusual, boring or obscene. Use at your own risk.

The most comprehensive collection of Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, comic characters, Anime and toy related tattoos known to mankind.

The Gender genie thought my first paragraph above was written by a female.

Masculine KeywordsFeminine Keywords
[a] or [an]2x+6=12['s] or [s']0x-5 =0
[some] 0x+6=0[possessive pronoun]2x-3=-6
[it]0x+2=0[not] or [n't]1x-4=-4
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Rainy Saturday with Monster toys.

Sakes, the rain is coming down hard... beautiful sound, and the scent of ozone and sky-water is intoxicating.
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I'm getting envious of all the northern talk of the temperatures going down to the 50s... I guess turnabout's fair play, since I don't freeze in the winter or totally melt in the summer. I've had quite an appetite this week... I think the body’s adapting to me not having just one lump meal a day.

The Gallery of Monster Toys. I had, or at least got to play with a lot of these over the years.

When I was little (Maybe 6?), I had this Wolfman... I wonder if that's part of the reason why I like earth tones? I would've loved to have the Bionic Bigfoot too.

We were living in Richmond, VA when Sally and Bill Brunot got my brother The Glow-faced Dracula, and I got the Wolfman again... I remember being especially happy, the old one was missed terribly. The newer one was even better, because my brother was old enough to play monsters with me, and they had "monster action" sort of a hug move when you pressed the back... plus, glow in the dark is always better. (I was maybe 11 at the time)

Picked up the Predator vs. Aliens set for Kev's sis, Karen, and she really loved it. I almost kept the alien for myself. (This was well after graduation from college)

Managing a movie theater that had a ton of Nightmare before Christmas stuff left over from about a year or so before. ... I hooked Pam, Rik and a few other pals up with all sorts of movie stuff at that time... It cost my very little, and went over well. I still can't believe that was almost a decade ago.

I eventually gave away my Creature from the Black Lagoon that I got on a whim at Suncoast Video... they were always selling goodies for next to nothing when they were tired of storing it... sort of like Kay Bee. Some great new action figure comes out, wait six months, and get 'em 3/$10, or less. I had all of the burger king monsters, too. That Creature was the basis for my "Aquatic Elf" character in the Wu's multi-genre game. He was great... you could squeeze his chest and spit water at things. I should've gotten a bit of white string for Wolfman to use as a belt, but never did. I think those guys are still in the old IMT building at 910... more likely, they got chucked when the company moved to 760.

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Rain, Rain, gone away. Come back again some day!

The heavy rains have passed already...

Not clear skies, but, at least you can look out your window and see something.

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Regarding weather and the skies... I learned a handy mnemonic last night about the moon phases... In summary -

A good way to identify phases (in the Northern Hemisphere) is to look at the night sky and remember the word "D-O-C." As the Moon cycles around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun, its position relative to the other bodies changes. The four resulting Moon phases are called quarters. The Moon is "new" when it comes directly between the Earth and the Sun and can't reflect much of the Sun's light. The first quarter Moon appears as a small crescent with the bulge facing to the right, as it does in the capital letter "D".

At second quarter, the Moon appears half full and resembles the letter "D". The light of the Moon increases each night until it reaches the Full Moon stage and hangs in the night sky like a great big "O." When the Moon decreases from Full Moon back to New Moon phase, the bulge moves to the left side, like a "C". When it reaches the fourth quarter stage, the Moon looks half full again.

I imagine the same could be said in the southern hemisphere, only to remember the word "C-O-D" instead.


I'm sire to 22 vampires right now, Including:LdySaphyre (6351 pints), Liliana (2337 pints), MissV (2008 pints), mixedresults (1246 pints), gilbella (1094 pints), Sierina (190 pints), Morgoth (177 pints), UnknownPersona (76 pints), DEATHBEAR (60 pints), phenrill (48 pints).
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Afterlife: Streatham Cemetery (warning, site has some sound) - Photographer Jonathan Clark spent a year capturing the melancholic beauty of an English cemetery. In springtime, colorful blossoms grow out of green graves as birds chirp in the background and ethereal lights flutter past names faded on tombstones. I can watch the images over and over... I'd love to have a mirror of the site locally.

Speaking of Great photos... (safe for work)

It's Good to Be the King

LUDZIDZINI ROYAL VILLAGE, Swaziland (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of bare-breasted young maidens danced in front of King Mswati on Friday -- many hoping to catch his eye and become his next wife. Collapse )

regarding that... Stealth Disco! - Sneak up and dance!

Skippy the Goth Kangaroo

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