September 7th, 2003

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Harvest Moon, Bro, Grocery Shoppin' (#6063)

Very Nifty Trip to the grocer with my Bro this morning... they have automated cashiers at the Winn-Dixie on Cordova and 17th. They didn't have as much of a variety of foods as the Publix does, so no veggie munchies or some of the other no-meat goodies, but at least they had Boca burger and some morningstar stuff.

I've been bad about cooking lately... it's a lot easier to measure and control pre-measured portions off of a freezer-box.

Bro and I had a nice time gabbing and handing out, however briefly. I'll be seeing him again tomorrow to give him some goodies, and then it will be a while. He got a haircut... the shortest I've seen it since he was a kid. Still long on top, but the back is trimmed to the hairline rather than the shoulder-length or longer he normally keeps it.

There was an extremely skinny squirrel outside that was getting the hairy eyeball from Newt; I put a dab of peanut butter on a cracker outside for him to snack on.

Next week, ACIM splits into two zones... a first and a third-floor office. The meeting room, Fly Me, Newbie and Rhode Island Red will be upstairs, and the Big Kahuna, Volunteers and Prop2 will be downstairs... Tomorrow, the big Kahuna will be in Texas, talking to police departments.

Hmm... Live journal is having some tummy rumblings, and even the off-site status pages are on the fritz, a new one.

I'm sire to 24 active vampires in the Vampire game right now, including: LdySaphyre (6400 pints), Liliana (2351 pints), MissV (2010 pints), mixedresults (1246 pints), gilbella (1115 pints), Morgoth (226 pints), Sierina (190 pints), DEATHBEAR (86 pints), UnknownPersona (73 pints), phenrill (60 pints)

When being placed under arrest for DUI and drug possession flashing "an honorary deputy sheriff's badge" won't do as much good as you might think. I'm glad that folks that name-drop and think that they can use connections to get out of situations can get nailed now and then. Hopefully he'll get in a treatment program and stop his nonsense as soon as possible.... Apparently he crashed his car while talking on a cell phone, smelled of beer, had cocaine in his possession and had a broken toe. Ron Brafford is identified as a senior vice-president and spokesman for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and says he was driving home from a fund-raising talent show.

I added a few Yahoo RSS feeds to my lj reading list - Oddly Enough yahoo_weird & Science yahooscience... if they get too rapid-fire, I'll delegate them out of my default, and just let them live in feeds.

I've got a couple of public filters in place.. communities, humans, feeds and image heavy.

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Lynching, Cluster Move, web complimentary colors. (#6064)

Lots of lynching photos at Without Sanctuary.

Searching through America's past for the last 25 years, collector James Allen uncovered an extraordinary visual legacy: photographs and postcards taken as souvenirs at lynchings throughout America. With essays by Hilton Als, Leon Litwack, Congressman John Lewis and James Allen, these photographs have been published as a book – "Without Sanctuary" by Twin Palms Publishers.

Please be aware before entering the site that much of the material is very disturbing.
It still amazes and disturbs me that stuff like that happened on our own soil, not even 100 years ago... and I'm glad that a historical record exists, in the hopes of informing people and insuring they don't happen again. The concept of these as postcards is more ghoulish to me than some war photos, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I can agree with some of the carnage and death associated with war... though I can't accept torture as an acceptable response to crimes. I honestly don't know how many of the folks pictured even *committed* crimes, for that matter. I have no problem with hanging a murderer, but to my mind, a lynching implies a lack of law and torture before death... sort of a frontier justice that is more responsive to mob rule than to punishing the guilty or exonerating the innocent.

Soaking someone in oil and setting them aflame is heinous act, no matter what the person did. I wonder what effect it had on people, especially the children viewing such stuff it had. Does that make violence more acceptable to them? Would it drive home the "electric chair" argument of deterrence?

In lighter-weight news, I'm not on Chef Cluster anymore!
You, scottobear, are on the Santa Cluster, subcluster 7!
Ah well, at least I'm still on a well-loved, bearded, fat guy cluster.

Nifty complimentary web-color picker toy. Handy if you're designing layouts.

Gender Genie thought this entry was female too. Looking at the success rate, it looks like GG is a failure, being wrong over half the time, when an 80% success rate was estimated.

The gang are talking about playing a monkey-mod of half-life. Now I just have to find my old half-life CDs. I haven't used them since the turn of the century!

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Silly ol' Newt! He just rebounded off of my head, jumping from behind to get the desk. I guess I moved into his non-anticipation range. He seems ok, but a little surprised. I picked him up and gave lots of love. :)