September 9th, 2003

Newtie Yawn

Gotta keep, gotta keep movin' on (#6067)

Wakeful time comes again, all too soon. Going to start habitually toting my digi wherever I may go again.

I would like to go with mi amor to a ren fest, and spend a cool, brisk day lounging on tall grass, dancing occasionally, and watching fat bumblebees fly slowly to chocolate hives while jousters break lances with faint naps and clangs in the distance.

Words that sound dirty, but aren't.

The Robot Zoo is a traveling exhibit that reveals the biomechanics of giant robot animals to illustrate how real animals work.

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Until Later, Dear Journal.

In the smokey streets of the night
I pull the lever and then bright light.

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7:55 am
I miss my brother already.

Newt woke me 10 min before my alert was set to... There are few ways better than to have little swabs and nuzzles to start the day. Hang out and play for a few minutes, and then to the rest of my morning ritual.

Prop2's car was supposedly repaired on Monday, but she's late, *again*. I prefer autonomy to reliance on the undependable. I hope that the day goes smoothly with big Kahuna most likely out today.
8:17 am
whoops! Big Kahuna is in after all.
8:21 am
Prop2 arrived

Kahuna is a grump this morning... I hope she's busy with other things today.
5:10 pm
eyeball monitor burn.. Too much ebay! anemone!added about 30 items to ebay today... It was easy after setting up a template. Ray Iglesias showed up at ACIM today, after having seen him yesterday at the 'mat. We got to exchange phone numbers, so maybe we'll get together sometime and hang out.

This morning was stressful, but afternoon eased up considerably. Kahuna was in a mood and Rhode Island wasn't helping matters by pitching a hissy fit over the new cell phone designations... No personal phones anymore, just issued to folks on call... And no personal calls on the phones! "Someone" was caught abusing the luxury, and is now disallowed.