September 13th, 2003

Newtie Yawn

Man... the baby is full of bees.

"No man has ever seen the light; but we see by reason those objects which reflect it."
Where do I know that from? Maybe I'm recalling the quote badly.

The Historic Tale construction kit is based on the tapestry of Bayeux, a masterpiece of the Middle-Ages.

Newtie did okay at the vet, but he surely didn't like the big dogs there. No growling, but I could feel his body tighten into combat-readiness. He must've been pretty stressed because he foamed at the mouth when the assistant went to put drops in his nose. Seriously, he drooled like a baby... The girl said that it's a defense mechanism some cats use, though I've only seen Newt dribble in the throes of scritch-ear ecstasy. I remembered to bring a stool sample in order to spare the boy any extra probe issues.

Total cost today - $38

Surprising to me is that he's neither gained nor lost weight... Some days it seems as if he's a little thinner, but I suspect it's just how he sits.

Treating myself to a new tome or two today- not sure what yet, but I've all but emptied my non-digital entertainment book list. I do plan on getting some via my favorite Amazon provider, but don't want to wait for my next book in hand.

Considering a new palm, as the prices are through the floor right now for pocket PCs... but there's no real reason to. This one works just fine, and I have the old 8meg should this one give up the ghost. Color would be nice, but isn't a need for me right now. I would like it for a "toy upgrade"

Speaking of toys, I ran my shoutcast station There last night...I'm quite confident that the bullhorn was the only location broadcasting a mix of TMBG, Kate Bush, Rob Zombie, Jack Johnson, Vincent Price and jennylee. I wonder if I could arrange an all-audio clue hunt? Perhaps links to MP3s in clues is more feasible. There is suffering some growing pains right now, some lost textures and other issues, but I imagine it'll be back on track by next week.

1/1000 scale reproductions of Tokyo and NYC and City Creator - via nchica

I'm off to write a letter and have some lunch. Until later, dear journal.

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Newtie Yawn

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When he was giving a campaign speech in Detroit for the 2000 election, Lieberman said that he didn't consider atheists or agnostics worthy of First Amendment protections because they weren't religious. To that, I give the finger, and most sincerely hope that he doesn't get the democratic nomination.

*Nobody* is unworthy of the First Amendment, no matter how much you disagree with them.

Sources for those who want them -

This link is the Internet Infidels' archive of news stories relating to governmental interference with non-believers and things of that nature.

A quote:

10/24/00, During a speech at Notre Dame University, Sen. Joe Lieberman again declared that "the Constitution promises freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. We are after all not just another nation, but 'one nation under God.'" (American Atheists' AANEWS)

Another quote:

08/27/00, Joe Lieberman, the Democratic Party's candidate for Vice-President, spoke to a Detroit church saying in part, "As a people, we need to reaffirm our faith and renew the dedication of our nation and ourselves to God and God's purpose." and "The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion."(Associated Press)

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Frankie came by again, begging for more food. I gave him beans and rice, and told him to apply for welfare, because I can't be buying him groceries. He's got food enough until Monday, and then he can hit the public services designed to help him out. He didn't sound too interested, but he's been told that he's gotten his last handout from me. He claims "It's just until he gets a job next week" but he now realizes that I won't be providing meals for him until he finds a job just because he can't be bothered to get stuff the proper way. His legs aren't broken. I know how the system works, and he's perfectly able to get care in a speedy manner if he wants it.

He really peeved me this evening, because my perception of him isn't one of need, but of laziness. I'm a soft touch, but he's gone as far as he can with my sense of charity.