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September 28th, 2003

tingleScotto Senses Tingling!tingle!

Some folks at the University of Florida have digitized a bunch of insect sounds for your listening pleasure. Maybe your ears can be your spider-senses if you're looking to eat some male Anastrepha suspensa (Caribbean fruit fly) in the midst of his mate calling song.

I learned a new word today. Stridulous. (via Stridulation), and I plan on using the term the next time I meet someone who fits the bill.

Also, they changed the "Bosley" guy on She-Spies. The New fellow is more of a drill-sgt type, and doesn't deliver a straight line like the last one.

RSVP is a fun little matching game.

Monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys! Aye-ayes, apes, baboons, bonobos, chimpanzees, galagos tarsiers, gibbons, gorillas, great apes, indris, lemurs, lorises, macaque, marmosets, monkeys, orang-utans, pottos, siamang, sifakas and tamarins, oh my!

Ukuleles can help make you smarter! Read more...Collapse )

Heck, I've known music can help me remember history and math since Schoolhouse rock! I *still* sing the preamble to the constitution if I have to recall it.

Oh... and I'm still ready for Halloween....
Testing a more rapid refresh live-cam software at - right now, going to see if it's better than good ol' chillcam. Something to leave up and running all day, streaming while I'm at work. Feel free to leave a comment if something seems weird... there's not much going on there right now, just me and the Newtster playing, reading, or writing my brother a letter.

my chat / IM info is on my info page, if you'd like to gab, and I'm around. :)

Well, I've beaten my goal, and it's not even October yet! What I'd like to do now is organize a nice, big crew of us to go on a sweep!

You are sire to 102 other vampires, including: LdySaphyre (7355 pints), MissV (2908 pints), Liliana (2705 pints), gilbella (1356 pints), mixedresults (1246 pints), Morgoth (902 pints), Nathanael (689 pints), night_flyer (614 pints), wchmum (527 pints), phenrill (362 pints)

Care to play?
Ok, coolness. I've found a way to pipe trackercam through chillcam, so I can still-cap streaming and apply the chill-filters to them. Although, it looks like the new chillcam does that on its own. (but my way is free.)

Hooray for Nick2! It plays Angry Beavers and Rocko's Modern Life.

For the topic-chest-

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