October 8th, 2003

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I'm daydreaming of giving my sweetie a long, loving hair-scrub, temple massage and Burt’s bees bath. I'm in nurture mode.

Today went a bit better than yesterday, even though RI inadvertently tore a letter from my brother in half and chucked it out, thinking it was trash. I had to instruct her kindly, but firmly that she is to *never* touch my things again without asking me first. I feel it was an honest mistake, albeit one that could've been avoided if she wasn't being a busybody in my office.

Back's doing well... I'm going to get info on the surgery a week from tomorrow.

Haven't heard from my brother in a few days... I'm getting a bit antsy. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a letter.

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From the palm this morning -

I have the songs "old gray goose" and "hole in the bucket" rattling through my noggin this morning. I woke up early, but was slow to get out of bed. I was sleeping on my side , and newt was the length of my back, snuggled up.. no escape!

7:57 am Power out in half of the building when I arrived. I only hope it'll be back up quickly. First clue was the BK next door in a blackout... No morning fizzy drinks or coffee to jump start. The elevator is kaput, too... At least I wasn't in there with RI ! The maintenance man says it has been out since he got here at seven. I'm not sure of what use I can be until there's juice, but I'll get to scramble immediately afterwards.


Pareidolic Imagery Collection - Ghost photographs and the like.

Create your own tabloid.

Bruce Timmm Gallery: A jim dandy comic book artist.(the guy that produced the superman and batman animated series) A fine leap from when he was doing He-Man and GI Joe.
- via the gray pumpkin

Italian movie posters and Egyptian movie posters. Take your pick, both have an abundance of weird, painterly illustrations.

Monkey that knows karate. Who can resist?

India's tech industry is booming. More jobs going going gone

Companies are slashing payrolls in the United States and Europe to cut costs, moving software work offshore and creating thousands of jobs for India's low-cost engineers.
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