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October 12th, 2003

Hmm... Big brain is giving me all sorts of stop errors. I guess the time has finally come to give it the long-overdue overhaul. I had a power spike on Friday that knocked it out for a sec (apparently my ups is kaput now, too), and it was working fine until I check it out today when I hopped over to my desk and discovered the power off, and that it loads the OS (win 2k pro) about halfway before freezing up. Even safe mode causes it to reboot or freeze up.

Looks like little brain lappie is going to be my connection until I can pick up a few essentials (Namely a hard drive, a new power supply, a UPS, and a good drill with a Phillips attachment.) The main reason I hadn't attacked it to put in my sound card was that the blasted screws were pneumatically drilled in last time, and I can’t get 'em open again. I tried, but stopped when I realized I'd almost stripped one with my manual screwdriver.

Maybe while I'm at it, I'll pick up a speedier processor and a DVD writer while I'm at it. prices are good. This also gives me a good incentive to update all my laptop drivers, too.
September's full moon, being closest to the autumn equinox, was the official harvest moon of 2003. The moon which follows is usually known as the hunter's moon.

With harvest time over, the Hunter's Moon provided light for farmers to turn into hunters to fill their winter larders.

If you're predator, tonight's your night.

If you're prey, keep your eyes open.

*note* - Everyone is a little bit predator to something, and prey to something else.


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