October 31st, 2003

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Happy Halloween! #6207

Happy Halloween! May The Fairies of Hallowe'en bring you your every wish.

I hope the little ghosts, ghouls and goblins keeps everyone entertained and safely on your toes tonight!

Landlord knocked on my door at 11pm last night that he's bringing prospective buyers through here today at 11am. I told him that I may or may not let him in, depending how I'm feeling. Hew said that he could unlock the door and show people through, and I could just lay in bed, but that's totally unacceptable to me. I don't need invaders coming into my territory while I'm under the weather. He didn't like my response, but he didn't have much of a rebuttal... I didn't bother to tell him that I think that knocking on someone's door at 11pm was rude. I asked if Frankie was out yet, and he said no...I wonder if the eviction is just going slowly, or if Landlord is wimping out while he's trying to sell the building.

I activated call block on an annoyance recording call coming from ohio... that no-call list can't become active soon enough for me.

I'm wondering what's new and unusual in the "Special Edition" version of Alien being released today. Is it just the DVD version released on the big screen? Alien was the first rated R movie I ever saw, and it scared the pants off me as a kid. (I was nine years old at the time). I wonder how many nine year olds will sneak into the special edition, and make it a first R for themselves? I suspect with VCRs and more lax standards these days, the R-rated film isn't as tricky to get at as in my youth.

Vampire Killing kit sells for $12000 Collapse )

City of Shadows, a Gothic tour of Victorian London Photographs, ghost stories and other fun elements of the place and time.

Picture above from Hidden City's Vintage Halloween Postcard Collection

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#6209 El Mamut con Sobredosis?? El Mamut Se Murio!

Landlord came, visited for all for 15 seconds and moved on. Works for me.. save me having to put a stamp on the rent check, and inspires me to do more research into a purchased home. One of the potential buyers was having a Dr. Pepper and a fistful of Hershey's kisses.

Ravi,the new nurse came by and was good about changing the dressing.. but it was done so fast that I forgot to ask her to take a pic of the wound. still mending nicely, no infection.

Monsterism..I wanted to design the grotto like this at one point.. map based tabs and 2 and 1/2D traveling.

Cold fudgesicle works wonders for grumbles... throat's still a little sore... the cold chocolate ice melting makes it feel better, and I get the comfort-food factor in as well. Mostly quiet today, now. I think Nap-time will happen soon. I wonder how fast I'll work through the comfort food over the next week.

Still sleeping off and on, but more soundly than the night prior. I wonder where the raccoons that used to live around here are these days.

Cathi's 8 months into her pregnancy! It seems like only the other day she was carrying Mayah. I worry that they have more work cut out for them than they can handle, but Dave's a pretty sturdy guy. If he whips through the house and lasts through it, the benefits will be great.

Thinking about my sweetie right now, and she brings comfort and good feelings. Contemplating a "November" skin for once Halloween passes. Nothing's leaping to mind, though.

Found out the new scenes in the Special Edition of Alien are minimal (you may not notice them at all), but the cleaned-up print looks better than most movies made today, and the brilliant sound design--now remixed in digital surround--makes one of the scariest movies ever made even more frightening. Sounds good to me!

I'm craving wasabe peas... settling instead for garlic tobasco mixed in with cooked green beans. Not as crunchy, but has a nice bite, and texture.

Got a nice call from my brother, checking up on me, He starts his new gig Monday...I hope that he sticks with it and does well.

Nap-time. Until later, dear journal!

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#6210 Reflections on my father.

A night for spirits and the dead, I think that it's a good time to talk about him. This is off the top of my noggin.

He passed away in 1990, and his ashes were scattered over the Atlantic ocean.

He taught me to read using the comics page. I wonder if the reason I think dinosaurs and vikings are so cool is a result of reading Hagar and Alley Oop.

He taught me math, too. my primary schoolteachers had an easy time of it. (as did I... accelerated learning made school easy, and promoted my interest in reading while other kids were still learning stuff for the first time.)

He was a big one for the outdoors... especially near the ocean. Fishing, swimming, boating were favorite pastimes of his. He was big on hunting and camping, as well as cooking outdoors. He was a good cook, as long as it involved open flame.

He introduced me to peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast. Yum. Now transubstantiated into meat-free bac-o's. He also introduced me to sardine sandwiches on white bread, with a buttermilk chaser. *blerg* He loved 'em, though.

He liked working on cars, riding his motorcycle, He taught me how to use power tools, and though cars didn't (and still don't) interest me, knowing how to work wood, do minor wiring and repair work is gratifying.

Documentaries on nature and war were pretty much his preferred viewing.

The scent of freshly opened cherry tobacco for a pip reminds me of him. I remember him switching from cigarettes to a pipe, in an attempt to quit smoking.

He was well-liked in the neighborhood bar, and everyone there knew him as a good guy.

He taught my brother and me how to shoot pistols and rifles. He had no depth perception, but was a good shot., regardless. We also can thank him for knowing how to clean and prepare fish and most live game.

He taught me how to think "outside of the box" and adapt to situations. I feel that much (if not all) of my ability to think on my feet comes from him.

He taught me how to keep an oath.

He was more than willing to hug his children at any given time.

He would always put the needs of his kids above his own.

He was more than willing to give his kids corporal punishment, but *God help* any non-blood relative that tried to raise a hand to his kids. He actually told the dean at my middle school that if I was going to be spanked or paddled to call him out to do it... and if someone else did the job, the punisher would become the punishee.

The worst thing my father could say to me was "I'm really disappointed in you." Fortunately, that disappointment was always repairable, and was said infrequently (though always deserved.) He made a good, solid point of showing praise when it was due, too.

He started me off on my first business, and taught me the value of a dollar... including paying back debts. $300 is a lot of money to gamble on a kid.

He would have "boys night out" and take his sons to a movie and talk about whatever we wanted to.

He made a point of the family gathering every Sunday morning for breakfast.

He had an amazingly high pain threshold and durability, but had a bad back. from a car accident when he was a teen. That same accident resulted in his spleen being removed. He had a long scar running down his stomach in a straight line, only hooking in an arc around his navel. That accident ultimately led to his death neatly three decades later, when pneumonia and a lack of self-care took him. (The spleen is partially responsible for infection-fighting antibodies.)

Wedding picture From November, 1967.
He's 23 in that picture. 11 years younger than where I am now. Mother's 21.

My Father and Mother divorced when my brother and I were still in our teens... at that point my brother had a better repoire with dad... Bro was younger, and the surfing / fishing behaviors were a good way for them to bond. I didn't see my dad as often as I might've after that, but when we did get together, it was a good time, and a positive influence.

Other Comparative entries about my Father can be found around his birthday in my journal. (He was born November 26, 1945) 2000 entry, 2001 entry, 2002 entry... and I expect I'll continue to do those as the years go by.

I love my father, and I see a lot of him in my brother and myself.

Thanks for being in my life, Dad. I still think about you. It's my hope if there is a place where your spirit exists outside of my heart that it's aware of those feelings.
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#6211 update your virus defs, meme, halloween haiku

Hmm... friday night virus scan run, and found three infected files, and fixed them. Live update just chugged along tonight, so I wonder how long they were lurking in in my system. I wonder if that'll help with my recent system issues? I suspect not. Maybe the Pooter is Haunted!
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Halloween Haiku

Traditional -
Falling autumn leaves,
pumpkins, costumes, and old ghosts;
Halloween is here

Florida -
Rustle of palm fronds
Trick-or-Treaters without coats
Mosquitos whine, *SLAP*!

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