November 6th, 2003

Kind lady

#6230 rude awakening, cowboy bebop movie, ray missing, da vinci code

Brother came by this morning and woke me at 7am to pick up his raincoat, on his way to his court date. (He called and asked what time would be good to stop by yesterday, and I told him that *after* court would be good, but I guess he misunderstood. Hopefully the visit to the courthouse will be brief and inexpensive...we'll see.

There is fantastic amounts of rain coming down outside, and loads of thunder, too. Newt's chilling next to me, just withing petting reach. Pretty Nice.. I may nap it up some again this morn. Bro mentioned that the place he's staying at has adopted a cat... apparently he's dealing with allergies fairly well so far.

I have to schedule my ride to tomorrow's staple-removing appointment... How wonderful that'll be! I'm hoping that'll also mean I can get back to paces with ACIM, too.

So... There's a Cowboy Bebop Movie?

A case of curiosities (some sound), unusual taxidermy and assemblage inspired by 18th and 19th century curiosity cabinets. I may've linked here before.

Wondering where Ray's been.. haven't seen much hint of him online in the last week or so. Danny's still all flu-buggy. Must be pretty serious, because he hasn't been to school this week.

I finally caught the menstrualhut's memories up to date. I need to get back into doing that once every few weeks, to stay on top of it.

Recently Downloaded The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown... you've got to love the Internet. Especially alt.binaries.e-book.* (palm is especially pun intended.)

I haven't seen a *single* positive review of Matrix 3 yet.(And I hear the Merovigian is totally pointless.) I am looking quite forward to Return of the King. [update, I've heard *very few* positive sin a sea of negatives.]

Earlier, I flipped over every TV channel known to man and many known to monkeys. Not much on.

Real mod, peapod, buff bod, hot rod, obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!
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Kind lady

#6231 Hospital costs, brother resolution, lj scam.

Bro's was fined $50 after pleading no contest... woke me up from my lovely nap, too. Still raining something fierce. I woke up with the phrase "bulletproof martyr" in my mind...not sure where I know the phrase. (or if it's some last minute mental swirl). Danny's got a really bad sinus infection... he's on antibiotics, and suffering from a lot of yuck.

Got my bill back from the hospital. Collapse )

total charges: $20,945.25

contractual adj 17,731.52-

account balance 3213.73 Liberty mutual billed

amount due $0.00

Well, that's a relief!

from news-
So here's the latest in LJ scams...

People are now saying they're "friends with the LJ crew" and have access to cheap accounts. They then offer to sell you $25 paid accounts for only $10, but they'll first need your username and password. These people then do get you a paid account, but with a stolen credit card paid for under your name. Once we see it's a stolen card, we suspend the victim of the hoax, thinking they stole the card.

Things to be noted:

-- we don't give cheap accounts to anybody for $10
-- never give anybody your password
-- there are many scams out there. don't trust everybody.

Please disseminate this to any community where you've seen this going on, translated into whatever language. (This scam seems to be popular within the Russian userbase lately....)

Today's Dinner -

eda mame (those green bean pods)
4 pc Vege sushi
6 pc cucumber roll (seaweed outside, w/ sesame seed)
8 pc vegetable roll. (carrot, Japanese squash, spinach, cucumber, asparagus & pickled radish)

and... Green tea ice cream! :)

Hooray for delivery sushi!
Kind lady

#6232 time warp, good cartoons, church sign generator

Eep.. my time-sense warps and stretches when I'm at home for extended periods. If it wasn't light or dark outside, I'd have trouble knowing when the days rolled by.... I've been medium weary all this week, sort of just going to sleep and waking up when the body was ready to do so (or when the phone rang / door got knocked on.)

Tomorrow will be the first day I'll really have been out and about since I was in the hospital. I hope that I'm good for the long haul out there. I think it'll be ok.

The sushi and green tea ice cream satisfied my belly quite nicely. *urp*

Paper, Leather, Clay & Stone - The Written Word Materialized.

Paging Through Medieval Lives - Illumination and Calligraphy From Selected Collections

Cartoons worth my while...Fillmore, Recess, Weekenders, Legend of Tarzan, Fairly Oddparents, Lloyd in Space, Disney's Hercules, Pepper Ann and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I can do a fair impersonation of Salem the cat)

Amazing to me how prominent Disney is on the list! (Buzz Lightyear isn't bad, but not an eye grabber like the others.)Surprisingly, not much Kim Possible on the tube... it used to be on every third hour or so. No new Sponge Bobs of Note, either. Nick needs to get on the ball. Same for Cartoon Network, for that matter. (I'll give the new Star Wars cartoon a shot, but I haven't seen enough to get a vibe off of it.)

The Church Sign Generator! Neat!
    If two Israelite men are fighting and the wife of one tries to rescue her husband by grabbing the testicles of the other man, her hand must be cut off without pity.   (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)
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