November 10th, 2003

Thingie! You big dumb freak!

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Ok, even Rotten Tomatoes gives The Matrix 3 a foul review, overall. It's currently at 35%, and generally a 60% is a sign of a decent flick. A cursory scan of the positive reviews on the page are almost apologetic, too. How could the series have fallen so far? Ah well, the first one holds its own well enough. (See: Highlander & Co. for the words worst trilogy fall from a good movie to bad)

Oh, man. Apparently This weekend was the Garlic Festival, too. *tummy rumble* I think some roasted Garlic would set me right.

Stryper was playing up the street. Hover over the name... I'm a little embarrassed that I know what the name of the band means. 80's Christian Metalheads, still on tour. Suddenly, I'm glad that I'm staying at home tonight.

Random Scotto Factoid: I am hard to impress, but easy to please.

Random Ol'-west / talking dog joke -
A Three-legged dog walks into a saloon and says "I'm looking for the man that shot my paw."
Nyuk nyuk.

Strip for action, Men!Pure Excitement Comics: Long lost golden age comics scanned in, and put online. Gosh, they're corny. Issue one features Yank & Doodle, Magno, and Kid Tyrant!

So bad, that I had to make this icon from issue #2. I'm not sure what I'll ever use it for, but it cracked me up too much to ignore. Oh, the times were so different back in the 40s.

In related news, Avengers / JLA... a good comic book Fan's Wallpaper. I can name a good chunk of these guys.

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Apparently, researchers at Rice University in Houston have invented a "gold bullet" only 100 nanometers across that targets and kills cancer cells that can't be operated on or are too small to find.

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Going to sign up for outpatient physical therapy today at the place across the street, again. Scheduled for four weeks at 3x a week. I'm looking forward to the electro-stim again. Until later, dear journal.
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#6248 State of the union

Well, the PT folks called back, and are getting verification from insurance. Let's hope that doesn't take too long. I'm keeping my 9am deadline.

Brother apparently got hit by a car on his bike last night... got ten stitches in his chin, and went to the emergency room. He's fine now, apparently they got the license number of the white Cadillac that hit him, and ran. Fortunately, he was able to call an ambulance with his cell-phone. He's good enough to go back to work today, and no concussion. If I had a nickel for every time that kid's been to the ER, I'd have a good sock-load of nickels, usable to knock out people like a blackjack. I can count off the top of my head at least 10 times in the last 2 or 3 years. I'm very happy that he's OK, and hope that his bones stay strong and his skull un-cracked.

I still haven't seen hide nor hair of Ray online or telephone-wise since before surgery. No replies to emails, and no activity on the necromancer games website. I hope that it's something as simple as having telephone trouble.

Danny's healing up well from his illness... and has today off to play catch up, as his school reworks national holidays into 3-day weekends.

Super hot showers are still counted as a delightful blessing. In fact, I think I'll take one now.

Vampire game clue - "Pssst. Empaths Guild 1 is right next to Vauxite and 12th today. I don't know how much longer it will be there, though."

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