November 11th, 2003

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#6250 Veteran's Day. Beautiful Earth Shots, Hippies visiting today

Veteran's Day. Thank you, to all the people that served, and those who continue to serve in order to keep people protected and free.

Very Nice, my fittest PT visit is Friday at 9am. Good of them to call me back and make sure all is well! I just have to call ACIM and let them know what my schedule is looking like.

*burp* Leftover Panak Paneer makes a belly happy! However, I'm now out, and must get resources for more. Newt is as interested in curry as he is in mint, by the way. He won't take salmon from atop sushi from Danny, though. The little orange boy is a weirdo, but I love him nonetheless.

Talked a lot last night with Cathi and Dave. They're busybusy, with the new house, and new baby coming. They invited me to Mayah's Birthday later this month, and I'd like to attend if at all possible. Plus, it's an excuse to go with Danny to Toys R Us! They're swinging by this afternoon for a little while...that'll be nice.

A kindergarten report on Incas and Guinea Pigs.

Cobblestone Minefield -Simply get from the top right square to the bottom left. Your psychic abilities will let you know how many mines are nearby. Use logic and kittens to navigate a clear path. Try and step on as many stones as possible for a higher score. A nifty, if gory variation on minesweeper. Don't sacrifice the kittens too early!

Ed Lu has the greatest view (500k jpg, 1000x655, well worth the download) on (of) the planet. Luckily he’s taking photos:
Sunlight reflects off of the lakes of Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario. The area lies between Lake Superior and Lake of the Woods, just north of the U.S.-Canada border. The long vertical clouds in the image are condensation trails produced in the wake of jet airplanes, probably from heavy air traffic around Chicago O’Hare. ISS007-E-12858 (August 17, 2003, 180 mm lens).
See more at NASA's Astronaut Photography of the Earth microsite, if microsite is the right term for a website containing 476,363 images. Search All Photography of Earth, via a click map / grid.

Gorg the Movie. Gorg is a furry creation of a Swedish(I think) snowboard company. If you like watching giant creatures straight out of Sesame Street dancing in a cave and chewing on soccer balls, this is for you. How else can I describe it, just watch. It's got a groovy soundtrack to boot.

No thrilling climax, just Gorg. Good ol' Gorg. 15.7 meg quicktime

According to Fathers Who Breastfeed, male breasts also can produce milk -- which comes in handy for the times mother is unavailable or father wants to gross out his friends.

Breadmakers Feel Pain From Atkins Diet - Collapse )

That's a drastic change. I'm not really able to do the Atkins thing, but it looks like it works really well for some folks. My points thing is pretty harsh to most bread, as well. A world without bread... that's a fundamental step of man becoming an more peaceable, stable, agrarian people. Bread is probably my favorite comfort food... but I guess it's got to change with the times, too.
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#6251 Scottobear is an anagram for Escort Boat. (Or was that Caste Robot? Taco Strobe?)

The Anagram Server. Ah.. makes scrambles so easy. (I recommend using the advanced features, to trim the word list a bit)

Here are some very entertaining LJers on my list. Hover for the real name, and click to read their journal.

Tired Hem
A Jubilee
Less Yam Stew
Eaten Decoy
No Feds Needed
Tiny Air Funk

Hooray for German thumb-biters! Man 'caught burglar with his teeth' Collapse )

theBot is a flash application that runs around the web looking at your text scrap of choice, returning with extracts from matching sites which it then scrolls across the screen, converting what it finds in text to speech. I fed it "scottobear" and got an interesting result. (you may need to disable your pop up blocker for the initial load)

"When fed a search term by a visitor, theBot performs a search for the word or phrase in a search engine. It then selects one page from the choices returned by the search engine, and reads a piece of text from the page. From there, it crawls to a linked page, and continues reading scraps of text from each page it visits as it crawls from page to page. If theBot cannot link out from a page or gets tired after too long on a given server, it backs up along its path and moves out in a different direction. Easily bored, theBot tries to move between different servers as much as possible and will never visit the same page twice unless fooled into it. As something of a reverse search engine, theBot provides a look (and listen) into the narrative of the web - or at least into the stream of consciousness of a web Bot. "
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#6252 Happy! Facty! Stinky! Newsy! Sandy! Linky! Random stream of Thinky!

Congratulations, sirenity!

Someone is tarring a roof outside. I stepped out earlier to collect my mail, and get a "breath of fresh air," and instead got a snootful of gag-choke-gasp-blech.

Random Scotto factoids/stream of thought (isn't my whole journal? all links will have hover info, too) maybe to be rewritten later in a more coherent fashion:

Watching the Angry Beavers this afternoon, I idly noticed that they have a wagon wheel chandelier in the dam. This set off a lot of old memories, because the crew I used to hang with when I was sixteen or so ate at a "Bonanza" (later it changed into Ponderosa, and then into a Perkin's, and eventually became a cheezy under 21 teen "nightclub") restaurant near our school in Delray Beach at the time, and it was lit by the same "frontier-style" decor. It was a super-cheap food spot to eat at, and the waitresses were cute in little pseudo-western outfits, so it was a natural place to go after school, or on the weekends. They had fantastic Texas toast and corn on the cob, and really large hamburgers. The French fries were not so great. That place was where we planned the vast our deviltry, far from prying ears of parents or anyone who might care.

One such harebrained plan that actually came to fruition was the theft of a life-size "Mac Tonite" statue from a nearby McDonald's, and then drowning it at the bottom of a nearby canal, with a flashing street barricade folded underneath to hold it underwater... there was something great about looking at Mac, maybe fifteen feet underwater, only occasionally giving off bubbles and strobing in an eerie amber light. I remember wanting to keep the head, but we feared that keeping it would be evidence against us. I brazenly figured that being under 18 meant that I could get away with it, but was convinced if my parents found out that the punishment would far outstrip the crime.

Speaking of heads, my partner in this crime was Brent, a former fellow student at ACHS, coworker at the Library, (and only other guy willing to actually participate in the more goofy teen schemes we all dreamed up) who died years later from a frying pan hitting the back of his skull. He came to a sudden stop in his jeep on the way home from camping and he hadn't secured all the junk in the back. He was killed pretty much instantly, and I didn't find out about it until I saw something about it in LWC's school newsletter, about six months later. I called his mother, to offer my condolences and she pretty much went to pieces on the phone. He was one of my three best friends during the 80s, and we totally drifted apart after I left the library and college.

Saudis 'fear sand shortage'Collapse )

Who'd have thought? What's next... South Florida having an Old Folk Shortage?

The cutest Anime versions of Cthulhu I've seen.

The Norman Saunders Gallery "He was renowned for his luscious palette and exciting action scenes, his sexy women and his ability to shoot from the hip when facing a deadline! Norman Blaine Saunders' illustration career was as big and successful as any artist could hope for, and no single genre could contain his remarkable talent. He painted them all - aliens and aviators, heroes and hunters, detectives and demons, quarterbacks and comic books, sex kittens and serial killers, westerns and wacky packs!"
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