November 13th, 2003

Kind lady

#6256 Butterflies, Christ, Wind and Dexterity

Just hung out this morning, thinking pleasant thoughts of my sweetheart, enjoying the sounds of heavy winds outside against the chimes. Contemplating where the day will take me today. I see a little journey out and about midday, perhaps. Playing with the new "voice-blog" thingum, and look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Random Scotto factoid - I had a huge crush on Melanie Chartoff in the early 80s, when she was on the SNL copy called Fridays. (I was about 12 at the time, but knew a cutie when I saw one, still do, in fact.)

Turns out that climate changes may just be causing the common Monarch butterfly to be endangeredCollapse )

Well, all *I* have to say is, WHO'S been flapping their wings and causing all those hurricanes?

Hoist with their own petard, if you ask me.

'Da Vinci Code' generates discussion (Sums up things very completely, I think) Collapse )
Apparently, the issue of Popular Science Magazine with my journal in it is in print, and on newsstands, now. I'll have to pick it up.

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Kind lady

#6257 Phone Post: My first phone post (#268 in all of lj-land)

43K 0:10
“Hi, You've reached scottobear's livejournal. I'm sorry there's no valid content right now, but if you leave your name and number in the comments section, I'll get back to just as soon I can.

Thanks again, Buh-Bye!”

Transcribed by: scottobear

(I never got into audblog, because I was skittish about giving my password to a third party. This seems to work quite well.) I notice if you look at it from my homepage's embedded journal, it keeps my lj's color scheme, rather than my custom embed layout. Fortunately, they match fairly well.)
Kind lady

#6258 back on call, now.

Going back on call for ACIM tonight. Not taking any painkillers, so I'm legal and clear to do phone work. I never did get out to pick up the magazine today, and now I'm tethered in for the night o heading out now isn't in the cards. Tomorrow after PT looks like a more likely time.

In weather news, the winds have died down this evening, but the air is cool and fresh... the day is quiet, now that the sky is dark and the air is still.

Coolest inventions in 2003 chosen by Time Magazine.

Oh, I really like this feature.
"Coming soon...

Friends page via POP3
This isn't available yet, but soon paid members will be able to check their friends pages via POP3. That's right: you'll just have to add LiveJournal as an incoming mail server in your mail client, and let it check for friends updates in the background. All the details aren't worked out, but it's looking good so far."
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Kind lady

#6259 workies / Bro visit for a moment/ screenplay generator

Got a runaway call at 11pm... a twelve year old girl that high-tailed it because her grades were bad. I put the system in motion, and right as I was getting ready to hit the approve key for launch, Miami police called back on the other line and let me know that she was found, safe at her dad's place. (She's in custody of her mom and stepfather.) I asked if friends and family were notified, but I guess they didn't think to call the kid's birth-father right away. ah well... That saves me from maybe waking up about 960 folks if they go to bed before 11pm. (They would've gone knocking door-to-door if the child wasn't found by 11:45, so there'd not been much sleep for anyone in that neighborhood, even with unlisted numbers.)

Sweet Sakes, these wasabe peas are the hottest things I've ever had. Are they just wasabe rolled in a ball? are there no peas?

Bro stopped by and dropped over a "prize" he "won" from a nearby car show. I smell BS, because he was evasive and unclear as to how he got it. I suspect the prize (a stereo/tool battery-charger) is something that fell off of the back of a truck. His chin looks fine, the stitches are barely noticeable.

Make a movie out of any given webpage (thanks ldy!)

For example, my journal produces - Collapse )
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