November 14th, 2003

Kind lady

#6260 pt went well, Bollywood LPs, Tolkien soundtracks.

PT went well, the measured flexibility, sensation, etc, and Jeff seems to be on top of what he needs to do. Now, I hope that Liberty Mutual is able to keep abreast of what's needed, paperwork-wise. I start 3x a week for 4 weeks, starting Tuesday, if everyone gets the act together. I'll add a helping push this afternoon to help with the schedule.

I think I'll take a little jaunt down to the beach today, and just take in some sea air. Today is cool and inviting... can't resist the wanderlust.

Until later, dear journal.

Bollywood Vinyl / LP covers gallery

File this under "I had no idea until seeing it on a History Channel show": Jet trucks.

There should only have been one. A 5th Highlander movie? Who keeps funding these?

Want to listen to the soundtrack to "The Return of the King"? Here you go. Nice commentary, too. There are similar essays on the first two movies, too: Fellowship and Two Towers

via scheino

The Florida Grand Opera Society is sponsoring the local NPR station, advertising La Traviata by talking about how it's a classic, and the fact that there's English subtitles above the stage.

But the biggest selling point? "Come see the opera Richard Gere took Julia Roberts to in Pretty Woman."

Uh... wha?
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Kind lady

#6261 Hooray for adhesives!

The little journey was a fruitful one. Wandered over to Twistyland again, then went to Waldenbooks. I picked up the issue of Popular Science... better than I'd hoped for. I got a Full name credit and a link to my livejournal....I wonder how much it'll change my hit trends?

I also picked up the Essential Tomb of Dracula for a bathroom book (and placed an order for the essential Howard the Duck). Man, you can't go wrong with stuff like this. $12 for almost 600 pages of classic comics, bound for the bookshelf. Plus, no missing issues to contend with.

After getting my bookstore bounty, I stopped off at the Japanese Market for some veggie sushi and to replenish my ever-dwindling supply of strawberry and Men's pocky. It's my sweet-tooth balm of choice. Only cow tales can dare to compete, but they're a strong contender.. ( the cost locally is about 2/3 of what the net is charging, too.)

It occurs to me that I bought a lot of things stuck to other things today.

Ink stuck to paper.

Paper Glued to cardboard.

Veggies stuck to especially sticky rice inside a seaweed wrap stuck to itself, holding it all together.

Fudge of some sort stuck to cookie wafers.

Cookie items had boxes held together with glue, price tags glued on to the boxes, and were put plastic bags with more colorful ink stuck to the outside of that.

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I'm now feeling that I exerted myself *just enough*, because I'm just a smidgen creaky, but not hurting. Comfy and kicking back with the orange dreamsicle now for a midday relaxation session.
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