November 18th, 2003

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#6269 caffeine, pt, linkies

After PT this morning, I picked up some Cafe con Leche at the little Cuban place up the street.


Wow, this stuff should be prescription-only. It is delicious, though. I think that I might have another *before* the next workout, though.

The new exercises look to be pretty positive, I'll be doing them three times a day at home and three pt visits a week,as well. I've got a few minor errands to run this morning, but I'll return shortly. Have some links, until I get back.

Seeya Later, Dear Journal!

Oh, man, I'm such a dork for actually wanting this... but the price tag is more than a little nutty.

Awesome photography of ghost towns

Grunt Growl and Tear is a fast-paced game of paper monster combat for 2 to 4 players where you can rip limbs off of your opponents and attach them to yourself. It looks to be an awfully cathartic thing to do after a hard day at work or school.

Miami Herald Camera (east) - This is a view from The Miami Herald's fifth floor facing east overlooking Biscayne Bay. To the right is the MacArthur Causeway.

Miami Herald Camera (west) - In the foreground is a Metromover track and Herald employee parking lots. Beyond that is construction on the new Performing Arts Center of Greater Miami.

And Locally, The Sun-Sentinel cam - The edge of a new condo under construction; the Travel Guard building, which is one of the oldest buildings in downtown; Las Olas Boulevard, which is the curving road, and the Museum of Art, the structure on the far right. In the background, you see the Las Olas Riverfront area and the white building in the far distance at the center is the Museum of Discovery and Science. In the immediate foreground is the sales center for the condominium tower under construction.

Zombie survival guide

Where Legos come from

Another World, from Escher’s work, 1947 - quicktime VR.. very nicely done.

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#6270 Thank you note, new mystery particle, Old Testament Illumination, LOTR Barbie, map fun

Ok.. so I think I'm chalking my energy level up to the coffee and the workout. My next workout period is at 4pm, and then another at 8.

Ah, it's nice to get letters like this (Edited for privacy) -

Scott, I would like to say thank you for your help with a case on Nov 16. We requested an alert after it was reported to us that a 32 yr old female with mental problems was reported missing.

We received two calls as a result of the alerts that provided us with solid information in this case.

Ultimately the female [...] was located safely, 20 miles from her home.

Thanks again

Wayne County Sheriffs Office

Lord of the Rings Barbie and Ken!

1172 Old Testament in Hebrew 'Because of the Jewish prohibition on the depiction of religious images, the original text uses its letter forms which are molded into shapes, to produce a decorative effect.' (larger image)

DR. John Gray - the best-selling author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" - isn't really a doctor. In fact, there's scant evidence he ever went to college at all. Collapse )

Scientists have found a sub-atomic particle they cannot explain using current theories of energy and matter. Collapse )
Some online geographic visualization goodies (I've linked to a few before)-

Powers of 10: a redo of the classic zoom-in-from-the-universe-to-an-electron photo essay, this time in Java so you can control the action and with oak DNA as a stop along the way.

Money Maps: See which parts of the country are giving money to Democrats vs. Republicans or to particular Democratic candidates, by state, 3-digit zip code or county.

The Living Earth: this oldie but goodie simulates views of the earth sliced and diced more ways than you can think of. Select views by angle, altitude, date, from satellites or the moon, centered on cities, and with various models of earth topography and weather.

Here is the earth from over My House, Rio, Vienna, and Delhi. There's also a moon viewer.

You are Where You Live: a demo of several segmentation systems used by marketers.
Enter your zip code and learn the main market "segments" in your neighborhood. For instance, according to the PRIZM NE system, the most common segments in 33301 (Local Fort Lauderdale) are "Urban Achievers", "Bohemian Mix", "Upper Crust", "Money & Brains" and "American Dreams". If you do a search and click the link for a particular type, you'll see a description, a cute little icon, some demographics, and examples of their consumer habits.

City Size Comparisons: a tool to generate side-by-side maps of cities at the same scale. Works mostly for American cities but also for Baghdad. I'd love to see this idea expanded to include more international cities and also cities in history -- say colonial New York or Chaucer's London or ancient Rome.

Scorecard: environmental maps, with links to custom reports by zip code for key environmental issues.
It's interesting to see the Fort Lauderdale's statistics.

-many thanks to Prentiss Riddle
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#6271 Cluetard / Thai Smiles

Hmm.. Today's horoscope says that I should treat myself today! Looks like it's Thai food for din din tonight! (Like you have to twist my arm). I deserve it, anyway, after ACIM dropped a community notification in my lap 15 minutes before it was supposed to go out. I'm just lucky that the network was running, and codeRED proceeded without a hitch... just as well a 5pm notification for a 6:30 meeting can't go out late.

Frankie came by a moment ago wanting to talk, but I'm having none of it. He wheedled a bit, until I told him to please leave through the door. Ugh. So, I call the Landlord up and let him know that the stupid-liar-mooch-crackhead-cluetard Frankie is getting on my nerves, and "Just what is the eviction timeline, anyway?" LL claimed that he intended to take him out tonight, but it was getting late... so he'll relocate him tomorrow night "For sure." Well, it's only what, 20 days+ overdue, but I do know that I'll breathe a good deal easier when he's relocated to anywhere but two doors down.

Thais are adept at performing no less than 13 situational-specific smiles in their everyday lives. Collapse )
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