November 19th, 2003

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#6272 memes, rubber monsters, super heroes, coffee talk.

Yowza. Far too many jobs run last night. it seemed that as soon as I hung up with one PD, another would crop up. Fortunately, most were recoveries or other forms of good news.

Mike Myers is using his "Linda Richman - Cawfee Tawk" voice as The Cat in the Hat? That's sort of weird. It's not like I'm planning on seeing it in the theater, but I figure it'll be on TV in the next year or two, for at least a month, all over cable. I wonder if it'll be worth watching, or if it'll be really hard to avoid seeing snips and snaps of it when I least desire to?

I have a confession, I think the Coffee Talk skits he did were pretty dang funny, if only because the character reminded me of all the Boca Raton Retirees clucking in their personal circles.

Cow Magnets!

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Woohoo! Newt's an Immortal!

Famous Japanese TV Superheroes Of The Seventies (warning, some pages have TV-theme midis)

Shake, Pal!

The power of Turban Kung fu can defeat Vampires, even with velcro-balls on the cape!

Nifty and educational sea-predator game.
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#6274 work, whistles, Jupiter, fun electronics, Holy Grail Answers, frp goodness

C at work has called me at home numerous times today. I have a procedures manual there that has everything typed out, step by step, written so that a monkey with a head wound could figure it out... but he can't be bothered to look in the book, it seems. So, I get to talk him through it, and hope for the best... but it's a little on the irritating side. I tell them where to find information, and instead, they prefer me to try to rack my brain and recall something I did two months ago.. and wrote down, because I was pretty sure that I wouldn't remember it. Ah well, enough grumping. My own fault for not going in this week. I'll have plenty to do next week, and then I can run with it.

Back on call now once 5pm rolls by, but that's fine. Soft rains and dark skies along with thoughts of my sweetheart will make it float comfortably.

Cool little Flying robot. I'd like one, please. I'd also like to pick up a "Sticky Shocker".

The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.

The four capitals of Assyria were Ashur (or Qalat Sherqat), Calah (or Nimrud), the short-lived Dur Sharrukin (or Khorsabad), and Nineveh. The ruins of all four ancient cities fall within the modern state of IraqSite Meter

From "Mungo" at, about old-school Gamma World:
"It's hard to pick out a single memorable incident, but the campaign was filled with a sense of desperate hilarity. We were always getting in trouble and barely making it out the alive. When people talk about GW being 'Yahoo' this is what I think of – over the top situations and reckless adventure. Unfortunately, I think 'yahoo' has come to mean 'silly' for a lot of people (and perhaps the new GW designers from the sounds of it – though I have yet to read the new edition so I can’t say) which it isn’t. 'Yahoo' was fun, action packed and PC adventure focused - completely antithetical to prolonged angst, introspection, or detailed and often unusable background info, which is what people usually confuse with 'serious.'"
Ahh.. yup. That's the good stuff, and sums up a lot of the fun I had in the old gaming days. There's a place for everything, of course, but I certainly preferred "Seat of your pants" scrambling and friendly character roleplay than moody, broody, grumps that many systems seem to favor. (Not like I've really played anything in an age.)

Near Extinct Whistling Language Returns Collapse )

The Cassini spacecraft, on its way to Saturn, took a gorgeous picture of Jupiter in the gibbous phase. Some kind folks have posted it here for everyone's enjoyment. This is a true-color image; if you were at Jupiter, this is what you would see.
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#6276 Frankie gone? Newt pic, singing wavs, paypal email virus

So, is Frankie out, at last? Not sure... I think so. If he is, it's about dang time, sez I. Comfortably cool out right now... light rains, high 60s.

Let them sing it for you - type in lyrics, and it pulls clips from songs to play... sort of a cool way to write an audio ransom note. (I did "I want to eat your heart and eyes for dinner," "store the money in a plain brown bag," "Death to those who would dance with no voice" and "Was it a large cat you saw jump through my skin?")

First New Space Ghost C2C since 2001 premieres on December 7 at 11:30pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network.Site Meter

I've been getting a lot of these paypal virus emails lately... fortunately, I deal primarily with a web-mail client that catches this hubbub before it becomes a problem.

Also, Newt says hi from the Futon -

watching TV with me