November 20th, 2003

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#6277 - back from PT/ marvel media update

Well, the Broward county fair starts today. I saw tarpo and his squeeze there a while back.. was it two years ago, already?

They sawed the legs off of the local Santa-Amazon, to put her indoors! The poor thing! ( I had to find out via Roadside America, because I don't really go shopping out there, but it's fin to drive past.)

I'm loving the cooler weather right now. I have more energy and enthusiasm with the atmosphere this way. PT went well today, though I forgot the Cafe con Leche until I got home. I may drift out and pick some up later this afternoon.

Bro swung by for a while, visited for a bit and picked up his "prize" radio thingamabob. It was a pleasant gab, talked back and forth about a few things. He seemed pretty on top of his game. I got a mailer from one of his sponsors for surfing, and it looks like he's going to get back into that... They sent him approval for being on the regional team, as well as a fins and a few jerseys. He gave me one of the promo shirts... it's nice, then first he's gotten in a long while.. They sent him the V-5 flex and a standard v-5. He's still not listed on the team page, but that'll change once he wins a competition. He could stand the workout and environment. Any healthy habits are certainly to be encouraged.

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2006 is looking pretty good. (Though Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is both interesting and hilarious at the same time.) And the "Revised Secret Wars" looks kind of nifty.

An online confessional, great for nosy people like me. Some astounding content, and I don't imagine all of it is legit, but who cares? It's been syndicated for LJ, too, add it to your friends list as grouphug... I'm tempted to use one or two of the more interesting ones as story seeds or at least coloring.

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#6278 GP's TG play, sacred sites, ACIM in the news, old palm art, asteroid strike

Carrying on a nice e-mail correspondence with the Gray Pumpkin. He's going to be running a "super-teens/school" game over the Thanksgiving holiday while Pam's visiting. Sort of a rag-tag bunch. Mrs.P is playing a Mimic, Pam's got some sort of mutant-acrobat, and the remaining player (folks I've not met, but sound like a good crew) are doing a Sorcerer-type, A naive Atlantean Princess with a Monkey sidekick (Sea-monkey, that is), and I forget off the top of my head who, if any of the others might be.

GP was kind enough to give me an invite to come by sometime, too. It'd be nice to see them and goof around a bit. It'll be a while before it happens, though. I used up a bit of off time during recovery. I wonder how Newt'd like visiting Austin?

I've got other places that I'd like to travel to, as well...Up the East coast to visit other family and loved ones.

Currently contemplating the topic of the next article I want to write. The runes one was some work, but turned out pretty good, I think.

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random history link - pictures drawn on the palm, riding the bus. - That's the largest "doodle" I've ever drawn on my palmtop.. usually, it's only 140 x 160 or so (the sailboat is 630 x 830.. I just kept scrolling. It looks especially bad, because it was doodled in a moving vehicle.)

AP Headline: Asteroid May Have Hit 250 Million Years Ago.

All right Associated Press! Way to get right on top of that story! Collapse )

Hill of Crosses, Siauliai, Lithuania

Wow, now that's pretty amazing.. part of The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray

Be warned... it sucked me in for a *really* long time. 20 years of photography, and huge blocks of informative text. Wonderful to find sites like this.
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