November 21st, 2003

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#6279 Hellboy, history, Capn Marvel, 10-1 meme

New regimen for PT.. The stretching and weights seem to be really making a good, solid difference. Newt's a little talker today... and he's into playing fetch, which always makes me smile.

Something I've always wondered about Captain Marvel...when Billy Batson would say "SHAZAM!" each letter represented a different source of power (and the acronym varied according to the being using it, see below...)

Captain Marvel Mary Marvel Black Adam SHAZAM
Deity AttributeDeityAttribute Deity AttributeDeityAttribute
Solomon WisdomSelenaGraceShu Stamina Marzosh Stamina
Hercules Strength Hippolyta Strength Heru Swiftness ArelSpeed
Atlas Stamina Ariadne Skill Amon Strength Ribalvei Power
Zeus Power Zephyrus Speed Zehuti Wisdom Voldar Strength
Achilles Courage Aurora Beauty Aton Power Elbiam Courage
Mercury Speed Minerva Wisdom Mehen Courage Lumiun Wisdom

Umm. Solomon? What's he doing in that crew of Greeks and Romans on Cap'n Marvel? I also thought it was kind of funny that he has a lightening bolt (The method of his transformation) on his chest... sort of like Superman wearing a big phone booth on his. Yes, I know it's just a silly comic book, but when you're eleven years old, these things make you wonder.... and if you're me, they stay with you for life.

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Hellboy Trailer. Hm, has a strong MIB vibe, but I like the look of it, overall. Lots of fade in/fade out, but better than stutter-cuts.

Some Nifty Garden Pictures - I really like the first one.

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