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December 5th, 2003

Dang.. so many of the journals I read have had people in a posting frenzy... I may have to trim yet again, and delegate more people to the "check once a week" category.

I've been eating a *lot* of spinach lately. I feel that I should be squinting, or have anchor tattoos on my forearms.

I saw this article about probability distributions and task resolution comparisons between d20 and Champs... I include it here only so that Danny can read it.(It'll bore all but the math/gamer-type). It boils down to the statement of - D20's skill system is fundamentally open-ended, task-based, and linear. The Champions skill system has a closed range, is success-based, and is normal. The comments have some interesting game-views, too.

Met the new landlord guy, and he seems to be nice enough... hopefully he'll be more on top of his game than the last one. I'm still looking for a place to own, rather than rent, though. The time's come to invest a bit. Paying money into my ownership rather than to someone else is overdue.

Roar of the greasepaint, smell of the crowd...

trivia for the day: Autopsy means "see for yourself."

Japan SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions).
Q. What is the origin of the Japanese superstition which says that if you cut your nails at night, you will die young?
A. This superstition has two versions. One says that if you cut your nails at night, you will die young (Yoru ni tsume o kiru to hayaji ni suru) and another that you won't be with your parents when they die (Yoru ni tsume o kiru to oya no shi ni me ni aenai), i.e. you will die before them. There are two reasons for these superstitions. One is that during the Edo period, cutting one's nails at night was dangerous because of the lack of light. The second reason is that the Japanese word 'Yotsume' (cutting your nails at night) sounds like 'Yo o tsumeru' which means to cut short a life.

Crochet Dresses for Furbies.

April Winchell has some dandy multimedia, (Search for Seasonal midway down the page)

Extreme weather pictures.

regional dialect memeCollapse )Site Meter

This story has been making the rounds lately, and understandably so. A fellow in Germany killed and ate a man. So far, no big deal, as far as such things go, which is rather extraordinary, in its own right. But there are twists.
  • He found his victim through the Internet, by advertising for someone who wanted to be killed and eaten.

  • The victim wanted to be castrated first.

  • The gourmand filmed the mutilation and killing.

  • The film makes it clear that the victim consented to the killing.

  • The butcher may only get a five year sentence, since there is a statute on the books defining "killing on request" as a form of euthanasia (illegal, of course), carrying a five year maximum sentence.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the German courts.

archived storyCollapse )

Unlike other cannibals, Meiwes used the Internet to meet his (very willing) victims. The three sites he mentioned in his testimony have shut down in the year since his arrest. He also posted messages to a Usenet group called alt.sex.snuff.cannibalism, where several of his posts are archived by Google Groups.

The newsgroup, like many others, is so overwhelmed with spam that the active users started prefixing their posts with "ASSC" to separate out the noise. If you look around, you'll find an active community of cannibal fetishists, with their own forms of fan fiction, creative writing, poetry, and the occasional "stab" at humor. Compared to this kind of creative output, Armin Meiwes' posts are downright dull.

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