December 7th, 2003

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#6316 Pearl Harbor Day, chilly, with a side of phone-work

Only appropriate that the Joker used the Royal Flush Gang on JL last night...They only were with Mr. J for a brief time in the comics, to my recollection, though he didn't come up with Playing card motif, originally. Strange seeing Hawkgirl defibrillate someone with her mace... and she'd batter not be married to Katar, either. (If Hawkman should show up at this point, it'd be pretty messy.)

It got cool last night (well, for South Florida... dropped to the low 40s.... that's about as cold as it gets in these parts.. it's in the low 50s now.) I'm much more concerned about folks in the North. Newt enjoyed the top of the monitor and my body warmth, depending on if I was laying flat on not. That said, I think yesterday was my busiest day ever, call-wise. I really didn't even get to watch much of the aforementioned JL episode, because of calls that came in.. the upside is that a healthy percentage of the folks reported missing were found within the hour of the reports' issue. I don't know if it's the weather or the season, but I was dealing with one case or another pretty much from sundown to midnight, and got a call from a hysterical parent this morning at 9am...Non-police aren't really even supposed to have access to the number she called on, so I have no idea how she got through.The best I could do was to talk calmly to her, reassure her, and give the name of some local agencies in her area that could be of more service. That said, I'm really looking forward to getting back into the technical side of things, and putting other people on call more frequently.

I feel good about tossing Newt's old Kibble into the flowerbed outside... one of the neighborhood kitties is hanging out there new, having a nice little dinner at the "salad bar" and Newtie's watching with great interest. Not even talking, just observing the gray and white cat as he has his snack. I'm glad to see it being put to use as more than just "eventual fertilizer". Whatever was smelling foul yesterday has cleared up today, too. There was something *really smelly* outside. I don't know what it was, but I get hit with a real reek when I go out front. I suspect it's fallout from cleaning out one of the vacated tenants' apartments.

Yet another Fort Lauderdale Beach Webcam.Site Meter (update- it got bonked or otherwise moved, so now it's pointing at the road, rather than the water.) There's always these cams for South Florida scanning. (this one lets you pan and scan a bit.)

Jupiter and Thetis - foom23 pointed this out to me ages, ago. It's pretty funny to me how similar the face is to my own. The sort of portrait Maxie Zeus might have commissioned for himself. I wonder whatever happened to foom?

Doc showed me these cards from AEG / Dork Tower... I've always liked the idea of getting whimsy/event cards as part of XP, like in Torg. I think that they could add a lot to any RPG, with a minimum of tweaking.

Random Name Generator... I like the obscurity settings! great for creating secret Identities, Aliases, or character names for tales.

Misc silly things to say when My Electric-guy in COH goes into combat. (His name is still in formative stages, too.. Something Silly Like Project AMP or the like, probably)
  • "I bet this mega-hurts!"

  • "Call me Thomas Dedison"

  • "Socket to you!"

  • "Lights out!"

  • "Charge it!"

  • "You're grounded"

  • "They Say Lightning never Strikes twice... So I'll hit you a third time!"

*groan* I can't remember any of the witty banter Spidey had with Electro. I still can't believe they got the actor that played Larry Tate (David White) on Bewitched to be J. Jonah Jameson on the old Spider-man TV show.

I may rethink the COH guy.. perhaps a Shield-type healer-drainer would work better for me.

Downloading animated versions of Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music...I hear the art is weak, but the voicework is good.

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