December 8th, 2003

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6318 - Before I go, a smattering of this and that.

Annoyingly spelled words du jour:

  • womyn

  • magick

  • boi

  • l33t

  • w00t
Which Reminds me... you can find the most recently entered LJ entries here!

See also in the lj_dev - possible changes in how the friends list works. Again, brad shows that he's not very good with social or communication skills, but it's easy enough to get the picture. A lot of people don't understand the function of what he said, and will get upset, even though it's not a big deal. I've always disliked the term friends for folks I read on LJ, because it's too emotionally charged a word for a lot of people. It's the cause of a lot of lj drama. I do think the ideas for change seem reasonable, all told, but I won't personally use many of them... I use filters now and again, for my essentials / comics page/ whatnot and that's about it. I agree with what flying_blind says here. While I'm nosy, and would like to know who reads my journal... I know full well that any public entry can be syndicated or bookmarked, or whatnot without my knowledge, and I'm fine with that. (plus, if you want to get tricky, you can always hide a sitemeter link in each of your entries, to see where hits come from on the net... maybe brad can implement usage statistics sometime, and make it that much simpler?)

Watched the Repo Men Show on TLC last night was interesting.. It may be another "Reality" one that I enjoy, like Cops or Animal Precinct. I prefer the stuff to be in the field, rather than bottled on an island or in a household.

I think I'll set up my VCR to record the next airing of the Ancient Egyptians shows. They're showing the whole series in a 4-hour block on Sunday the 14th, starting at 3pm, and running through 7pm. Makes it nice and easy to fit on a single tape.

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Kazaa Lite shut down - Ah well, Looks like I jumped to DC++ and Emule in a timely manner.

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Jupiter and Thetis - J.A.D. Ingres

6319 - Free of the cell-phone shackle!

Not on call tonight.. I'm alternating every other day this week, and will probably assign the full week to a tech next. I look forward to a full night's rest (and a Friday/Sunday combo, free of work interruption.)

I had a polite talk with CS & Rhode Island about organization and documentation. This was the calm before the storm. CS didn't seem to grasp the need, but I think he understands that his grasp isn't as important as the desire of his bosses to have it. We will have things documented, and documented well, or I fear, a fee spot in the technician pool. Mohna, a remarkably tall Muslim girl looks like she might make a good phone person, too (a full-time student)... freeing my creative thought/solution time up even more. Kahuna will be back from Vegas tomorrow, and it smells a bit like SD is leaving.. not to mention that JC is training her replacement bean-counter so that she can have her baby#2 and be a full time stay-at-home momma.

I'm a little drowsy tonight... I got a lot accomplished today... FDLE quarterly reports are totally automated now, configuration of a few different machines went well, and apache server is behaving well. It's nice to know that when I'm home, here and now, I don't have any job-tethers. If I was of a mind to, I could just walk down the beach, and not worry that the phone is going to ring. I can take a long hot shower, and not concern myself with the possibility that I might have to leap out without finishing properly. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend an hour or two with Danny... maybe go out for a bite and a gab. Site Meter

Not so chilly out tonight as it has been, lately. Is winter over?

Skinny cow "coffee" ice cream sandwiches are bleh. Stick with chocolate, mint or strawberry. This is just a waste of good chocolate wafers.

Newt loves tiny wooden Christmas ornaments. He's knocked every one off of the tiny fake tree, and is chasing a well-gnawed snowman around the floor.

Rough Guide to Asha Bhosle, I just like the sound clips. :) That's the voice I think of when I think of Bollywood.

John Lennon died on this day, December 8, 1980. A beautiful memorial to John Lennon can be found in the "Strawberry Fields" section of Central Park, in the shadow of his home in the Dakota building. The original Strawberry Field(s) in actually in the Liverpool area.
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