December 10th, 2003

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6322 Random, random, random.

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Quiznos makes a tasty veggie sammich.

Did the FBI ever figure out what the deal was with the poor pizza delivery guy forced to rob a bank with a bomb around his neck which blew his head off?

Poll #218106 Clap for the back-lit pictures!

Do you clap at the end of really good movies, when viewed in the theater?

Not usually, but I might if someone involved was in the audience

I think horseshoes is a pretty cool game, actually.

All of my Amazon orders are set to arrive before 12/24... some a week early, but I prefer that to it being late. Now, I have to do some actual shopping in the "real world". I'm still not sure if I'm going to send out a lot of cards this year... I still haven't found any that sing to me. Maybe during shopping I'll spot some that are cool.. or maybe I'll make my own... but time is getting tight. (I Really liked my Manatee ones a few years back... and the Kitty ones last year.)

Roger Moore is on record as saying he'd never want to play Bond again, but he'd love to be a Bond villain, because they get all the best lines. (I think I read than in an interview he did about being the villain in Spiceworld...)

They should do a "5 Doctors" type of movie where ALL of the living ex-Bonds play Billionaires out to destroy the world. 3/4 of the way through the movie Pierce Brosnan goes "Holy crap, I'm 60!" and then joins them. Then Clive Owen comes in and kills them all.

If I cross over to an alternate universe, I hope there are dinosaurs there.

Hakarl - How to prepare putrefied shark. (warning, when prepared improperly, it has made members of my family poop like an demon-rhino, complete with bellowing sounds of anguish.) Gregory, who wrote and/or drew hundreds of Donald Duck comic books for Western Publishing has died. He was 82 and the official cause of death is listed as pneumonia. Gregory was born in 1921 in Los Angeles, where he eventually attended Otis Art Institute. He did several years as a technical illustrator for an airplane manufacturer but the work did not suit him and he began submitting ideas and sketches to Western Publishing. In 1958, they finally began accepting his work on a steady-enough basis that he could chuck the aircraft job and go full-time. Thereafter, he wrote scripts for others to draw and scripts for himself to draw, and while he worked on most of Western's "funny animal" comics, his main gig was as writer-artist for Donald and other ducks. In the seventies, he wrote and penciled most issues of Daisy and Donald. He was the guy who drew the ducks with very round heads, which he usually created with a circle template.

His work was quite popular and he obviously had cartooning in his blood. You can tell because he passed it on to his daughter, who is also a cartoonist and a very good one. Roberta Gregory created the popular feminist anti-heroine, Bitchy Bitch, who is not exactly Daisy Duck but does continue the family tradition.

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6323 - First Card of the Season!

Newt and I got a lovely Christmas card from squarerootofpi and head! Thank you!Site Meter

It's coming down with thick, heavy drops of rain, so holiday shopping tonight is out. I feel a nap with the Newtster coming on.

Just got off of the phone with my brother, who is sounding really good.. just went through a major flu-bug, and he dried out his system during that time. I hope he bounces back strong and healthy.

My grandmother is improving. had a serious blood infection and pneumonia, but no brain damage and even no stroke. Bottom line is that she's improving and the infection is gone... so that's one less worry.

Rhode Island was giving hell to Newbie and CS again today... I think that if it keeps up, they both will walk before the month is through. I'd hate to see Newb go, especially, as we started there the same day, and have a sort of comeraderie, getting together at lunch and gabbing, etc. I'm beginning to wonder if someone dropped a house on RI's sister.

Flash toons updated here and there - Making fiends #6 & Strongbad Email #91

An uncut, restored version of the original Godzilla will be hitting theaters soon. This is the Japanese original, sans the Raymond Burr inserts.

Pretty awesome... my brother and I went to see The Third Man a few years back, and the same distributor is u[ to their old tricks. More power to 'em!

Tori Amos journal sells for $10,000.

Rudolph: Behind the scenes.... explains Yukon Corneilious's Pick-licking, among other tidbits.