December 11th, 2003

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6324 Ghost Bugs, Missing Chairs, News Stories about cats and physics.

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I was oh, so tired this morning, even after hitting the sack at a reasonable hour. .. I was plumb tuckered out but my morning got sharp, bright and lovely before lunch. RI seems to have cooled down a bit, and left the rest of the crew be for most of the day. ACIM opened up in Georgia officially today, and I'm on call tonight, so we'll see how it goes with a bunch of new law enforcement breaking in. Newt's full of beans tonight, running and jumping and being a spitfire in general.

This evening, I discovered that my comfy Adirondack chair went missing, along with the small rubbage bin (empty) and little table I had out front. I'm going to have to talk to the landlord and ask what became of them, because they weren't junky or ugly, and were frequently used bits of my property. In their stead, there is a set of PVC chairs and a matching table... but I wasn't asked or consulted in any way before the swap took place. The small bin wasn't replaced at all, but now I have two chairs by the table rather than one.

I was thinking about the afterlife earlier, and wondered about all of the bugs that died violently... do they have ghosts too?I thought about all of the red ants that have been trod on in one way or another, intent on brining information back to the nest... would the be doomed forever to haunt the scent trail that they were on?
Clicky-clicky! (Ant for "WOooOoOOoOoOO")

Cat banned for scaring residents Collapse )Site Meter

Sheep painted to deter 'panther' - A farmer has painted zebra-style stripes on her sheep to camouflage them after rumors of a black panther on the loose. Collapse )

A pulse of light has been stopped in its tracks with all its photons intact, reveal US physicists.Collapse )
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