December 16th, 2003

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6359 - Good Chinese food, fun Japanese folklore, feed your head

China Yung wasn't bad. the price was right, and the food pretty decent. it turns out that they deliver sushi now too, so everyone can be happily fed.

Seasonal questions of the day... what do you think Santa's elves look like? Uniforms, or all different outfits? Facial hair? All one Gender, or is it a mixed group? Any colors they *wouldn't* wear? Are they Related to those Keebler guys? (feel free to answer in comments...I'm interested in hearing multiple perspectives, but am running too late to pollify the question. (this sentence added last.)

Spent some lovely time with my sweetie recently, and getting into Asian folklore, too. Tengu, Kappa, Rokurokubi, Nukekubi, and Hungry ghosts specifically. I should be about warmed up to do that Dragon's gate review soon. It's a long standing truism... the more that a person learns, the more they discover that is yet to be learned. It's a tease, but one I enjoy. I really don't understand how folks can stand being lumps, never reading, never searching for something to tickle the brain. I wonder if it happens just as a matter of falling out of the habit.... or if it's just too easy to be entertained by television? Passive entertainment is fairly lost on me... I can't stay locked on to most non-educational/documentary television for any extended period (though there are some exceptions that can suck me in, and hold me. Well-written drama or humor, especially.) But most books can snatch me up, and suspend time. Stories, research, hunting for information... I enjoy it, so that it doesn't seem like the work that others seem to make of study.

Saddam Hussein pun/punchline I haven't heard yet, but expect to: Ace in the Hole.

I've begun painting a bit on the miniatures again, for the first time in a little while... I'm out of practice. I get a little cockeyed doing small detail work for extended periods.

The day was mostly quiet for me with no Rhode Island.... CS has been delegated to hardware issues and doing the newsletter with Newbie. I'm doing more software / programming, and documentation. I hope MM takes to her training soon, so call can be distributed over more people, soon.

Wow... Return of the King is 3:20, in the theater... I wonder how long the home-DVD extended will be?

Here's a pretty neat way to waste time. Nobodyhere.

found on changelog - Journal searching (still in beta?) replace scottobear with any username you like, to search another journal... it uses feedster, an engine I'm not terribly familiar with. There's a magnifying glass on any given userinfo page that allows searching. I wonder how well indexed the menstrualhut is? The engine doesn't seem too solid yet.

This page lists comic book characters that physically transform into either animals or the opposite sex. It's just part of a larger site that catalogs such examples of shapeshifting in books, movies, paintings, etc. Keep in mind the elaborate list of notations as you peruse the entries. (via progressiveruin)Site Meter
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