January 2nd, 2004

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6386 Stream of links and thought, peppered with hr's.

Today is Danny's 42nd birthday, and he, Janet, Dick and I will be hitting a sushi joint and seeing a movie to celebrate. I suspect we'll catch Peter Pan. Interesting that it's pretty much 50 years after the Disney version. I didn't realize how old the cartoon was. My mother was six!

Dropload is a place for you to drop off files for someone else to pick up later. The recipients you specify are e-mailed instructions on downloading the files. All files are removed from the system after 48 hours, whether or not they have been picked up.

Dodgeit is a free, web-checkable e-mail address that also offers an RSS feed to let you know when new mail has arrived.

Engineers have developed a harness for a handgun that allows you to fire around a corner without exposing yourself to return fire. Collapse )Site Meter

D pointed me to this Handy-dandy Tweak to run FFXI at 2048 x 2048 res (and other high resolutions)

Changed the holly in my links to a friendly little snail.Snail! Not very January-ish, but I like him. Maybe I'll animate his eyestalks if I'm feeling ambitious later this weekend.

I haven't been to the beach in quite a while. I think I'll take a night next week sometime when I'm not on call and check it out. I wonder how busy it'll be?

I haven't heard from Sappho in a long time, either.... I've tried calling here and there at work, but it looks like she's mighty busy these days, especially since Kev's taking all of his time due off. (All of December, and the first week of Janauary, to start. The company owes / owed him a *lot* of time.)

Sonata for the Unaware (commuters become generated music, watch the Quicktime demo) Very, very cool. I could see some weird esoteric superhero using a similar system of visuals and sound to use as a "trouble alert" when monitoring the masses from the JLA watchtower or wherever. If Batman had an art degree.

2003 Year-End Google Zeitgeist (also: Yahoo's top searches for 2003)

Using the Treemap control to visualize weblogs (borrows from the Netscan Usenet mapping project)

Article from Amnesty International's page about how capital punishment is a far more expensive system than one whose maximum penalty is life in prison. Collapse )</i>

Hmm.. and I was under the impression that it was a cost-effective way to remove criminals that cannot be rehabilitated. It seems that throwing them into a cement box, and feeding them until they go via natural causes (whatever that might be in prison) is much more financially sound, at least on the surface.

Urban Exploration Florida got into the Steam Tunnels under FAU. (FAU's Tunnel Map)

And that's that. I'll see you tonight, dear journal. Have a great friday!
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