January 3rd, 2004

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6388 Good stuff about tonight

Upsides of tonight's trip out with Danny -
  • Good food, good chocolate milkshake.

  • I saw Auntie Val and Rhonnie. (And a bunch of Rhonnie's Swedish Volleyball teammates. Heh, that sounds *so* made up, but it's true.)

  • Cool fish-headed manikins on Las Olas.
I can't believe my little cousin is 20 years old... what happened there? I remember quite vividly when she was born. I really need to spend more time with them, considering how close we are regionally. (They're only as far as Boynton.)Site Meter

Uncle Bobby and John Johnson got a 25 foot boat together, and I missed seeing Russ by a day or two.

I'm going to start carrying my digicam, and give up on the palm cam, I think. The quality is so much better with the good camera.
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scotto monkeypulse

6389 Hoping for a more fresh perspective, a day later.

There were so many elements last night conspiring to give Danny a hard time, and he pulled through it like a trouper. I'm glad that there were a few positives in a mostly negative evening. I *have* to make a point of taking him out someplace solo and just having a grand time without those unhappy elements. Maybe give him what he actually was expecting for his b-day, a sushi dinner and a nice movie, my treat. Hopefully I can take him to see Peter Pan before it leaves theaters. He deserves some good view of mermaids and pirates (and maybe a little Mai-Kai) for showing his colossal restraint.

Spoke with Doug Wu briefly last night... it looks like he's launching for Seattle next week, at last! I'm very happy for him.. he's been trying to make the exodus for what seems like a dog's age.

I'm glad that we have better security on LJ now. It was a minor concern of mine, but I never posted about it publicly.

Incredibly Bored? Want to see my current Work to-do list? (Gives an idea of what is on my plate right now.) Does anyone else use J's to do functionality?

Handy way to search your livejournal for keywords in Google (for public, indexed messages only, of course) -

site:livejournal.com username keyword

For example, if I wanted to look for entries that have been updated via palm, preferably pics and doodles in them, I'd try -

site:livejournal.com scottobear palm

It'll do until LJ gets a better internal search. Sorry, friend's-only journalists!

I may've linked to this before, but MeFi reminded me -

BollyWhat. Making Bollywood accessible to all. Including such wonders as lyrics translations, newcomer's guides and intriguing articles such as Masculinity, Bollywood-Ishtyle and a Hollywood FAQ for a different perspective. Explore and enjoy.Site Meter
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