January 4th, 2004

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Tokyo Bowl delivered my supper last night ... Veggie rolls and some seaweed salad. Healthy and yummy. Pretty much my fave lunch these days. I have been craving it since Friday night, and was willing to blow a little fun money on myself.

Wondering where Dennis, my new landlord has been. It's well past the top of the month, and I'd like to give him my rent (hard to do, since I don't have an address or phone number for him yet.)

Random Scotto Factoid - I don't much care for martinis, but green olives stuffed with pimento are yummy.

Chomp Chomp Safari! - a fun bejeweled-type puzzle game.

Where Scotto has fun with image filters - a shot taken last night in the parking lot, and some manips. Collapse )Site Meter

Somebody likes to party...
Last Name: EARL
First Name: HENRY

CaseNo / Offense / Booking Date / Release Date
***010104 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 1/1/2004
***123003 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/30/2003 12/31/2003
***122403 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/24/2003 12/29/2003
03M032759A ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/20/2003 12/24/2003
***121603 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/16/2003 12/20/2003
***121603 DIS CONDUCT 12/16/2003 12/20/2003
***121603 CRIM TRESP 3RD 12/16/2003 12/20/2003
***121003 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/10/2003 12/14/2003
***120803 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/8/2003 12/10/2003
03M032279A ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 12/4/2003 12/8/2003
***112703 ALCOHOL INTOXICATION 11/27/2003 12/1/2003
Nobody's noticing a trend here? He looks like he needs some help.... worse than Mayberry's Otis.

Interesting to look at his collection of mugshots. Was he passed out for #45?

There are so many fabulous words over at the Glossary of Linguistics and Rhetoric that it's hard to pick favorites, but Collapse )

Updated version of the Semagic LJ client is out. (slightly old news - 12/16/03, but I just installed it. It fixes a few minor bugs, and just runs a bit better. )
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